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I have to Thank You Kory for not drawing the centaurs….Hanging bits. it means alot to me.

I’m re-reading this and I’m astounded at how well everything holds together. All of the characters are where they should be, every detail exactly where it is, with the kind of precision I’d expect out of a time travel story*.

Like, the naga lady in front of the bakery. You can see her in panel 6 of the previous page as she moves towards that same bakery. I’m pretty certain she’s an unnamed background character. Kory could have left out the bakery entirely from the previous page and no-one would have been the wiser. I’m gobsmacked at this level of detail and care.

*For clarity, I really like time travel stories. I realize that some folk despise them though, and don’t want this to read as an insult.

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