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On the subject of Asian critters, I played a Kawauso ranger in a Japanese mythology based D&D campaign. My companions were a Son of the White Wolf Druid, a Tengu Bard, a Son of Orochi Warlock, a Yuki Onna Sorceress, and a Vampire Paladin on a journey to the far east to redeem herself. It was a ton of fun. A running gag was when my character did not know something or did something wrong he would respond with “Hey, I’m just an Otter!”

Welcome to San Jose, Kory!! I’d stop by and say hi in person but can’t make it unfortunately. :( Hope it’s fantastic for you!

Question for Michelle, Greg, Jim and Merial: What were you thinking of majoring in (if you had any leanings) before the whole ‘Michelle is a magical beasty’ thing happened? Still planning on finishing school in light of current events?

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