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Heartaches 33: Shady Individuals

Heartaches 33: Shady Individuals published on 11 Comments on Heartaches 33: Shady Individuals

Hey hey there Paul it must be so hard to be overshadowed by your younger, taller, more popular brother. It must be soooooo haaaaaarrrrd for you.

Next week is a scene change (kinda), I bet y’all are as excited about that as I am!


THIS IS THE BEST COMIC EVARRRRRR. I wish it were real life 3:

Flippantly, if all the monsters are secret, how do you know it’s not real?

More seriously, I have to disagree. Now, I really like the comic, more for the slice of life antics than the epic story (not saying the latter is bad, just that the former is better, IMHO), there’s a lot of really serious in-universe problems people have to deal with. A lot of characters are deeply unhappy with their society and/or their place in it, but can’t do much to change things.

Not to mention the demons, who can change things, but not so much in a way to improve the lot of everyone else.

Mel… You never know. You never know.


Anyway. Awesome-possum, as per usual.

Jim? Throw tantrum? What? Haha.

Is it wrong that I totally agree with all the comments you make on your own art? Well… I don’t think so.

I wish you would update it more that once a week, but I know that you’ve got to… create it and all. And, y’know, live a bit.


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