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Heartaches 32: Bleedin’ Anarchists

Heartaches 32: Bleedin’ Anarchists published on 7 Comments on Heartaches 32: Bleedin’ Anarchists

Hey guys we’re back! Sorry I didn’t update last week, I was having Halloween/Birthday fun with Sfé Monster and Magnolia Pearl and I screwed up on the planning and didn’t have an update ready. But we’re back to normal now! Hooray!

Oh Paul, are you ever happy?

ALSO EVERYBODY. I am doing COMMISSIONS. Check it out check it out:


If you’re interested you can email me at kory at korybing dot com, or if you have a deviantART account you can note me!


I love the last panel, showing us how people with wings would wear a “normal” button up shirt. that is ingenious!!

I think having the button near the bottom would be easier (I can reach the back of my belt easier than between my shoulders, and I haven’t got wings in the way) or it could be left free from the rest of the shirt, but a belt loop on the bottom.

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