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Hello, Goodbye 10: Leah is the Selfish One Here

Hello, Goodbye 10: Leah is the Selfish One Here published on 32 Comments on Hello, Goodbye 10: Leah is the Selfish One Here

Big news! You’re aware of Monster Bones, right??? Look directly above here if you need your memory refreshed.

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Seriously. I’ve only seen Leah open her mouth once. I Don’t know why this bothers me, but it does. And now I’m confused. Anyway, great page.

Possible, if possibly temporary solution:

Lorne: Jim… are you spanking my girlfriend over your knee?

Jim: (heavy sarcasm) Nooo, I’m painting the Forth Bridge!

Lorne: … Got a spare brush?

Leah: You, you… hang on, this is… performance art! Painting the Forth Bridge! Representing the endless toil of relationships! Punishment as process! Artist as subject and medium! Kiss me, Lorne!

Lorne: (peck)

Leah: (SLURP)

Lorne: Ack! Tonguestud!! >:=)>

After reading this, now I’m thinking Jim’s doing the best thing he can about it already. When a romantic relationship breaks, unless it’s a mutual breakup, you basically can’t possibly just magically settle for “let’s be friends”. If one person’s hanging on and hoping or wishing otherwise, about the only thing you can do is put distance between the two until it finally wears off, then try to build up the original friendship again without the mismatch of feelings complicating things. So, Jim leaving is the pull-the-bandaid-off-fast solution: enforce the distance and give Lorne time to get over it. Though he feels like it hurts more now, it should be less painful in the long run.

On a not-very related note: love Jim’s shirt. And those green-tufted ears.

Here everyone is commenting on Leah’s ears… am I the only one trying to do the same thing Jim is with his hands in the third panel?

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