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Hello Goodbye 15: USA USA

Hello Goodbye 15: USA USA published on 19 Comments on Hello Goodbye 15: USA USA

Thank you for everyone who came to Wonder Northwest! I had a great time! If you’re here because of the con, welcome! I hope you like my story!

I’m going back to the grind this week so if I owe you a commission, hopefully I’ll get it to you fairly soon!

I realize today’s update might be a little confusing, but don’t worry, Anthony’s confused too.


Oh David’s crazy faces, the fourth panel is the best. Something about him in that panel reminds me of TF2’s Sniper, then again everything I know about TF2 comes from your fan art.
Ooh excitement is coming.

Ps. Isn’t David’s beak suppose to be blue?

There we go: beernapping, aka grand theft beverage or taking and drinking away. Abby will probably give David community service collecting empties.

Yes, humans’ll do that. They always want to take things apart and see what makes them work. Yes, they have bombs, also guns and various sensing devices that might well be able to pick out a disguised mytholo. They might already have done so – mytholos aren’t the only ones who can keep secrets. Not to mention that they might want to weaponise such assets, and not to mention that some people volunteer to be weaponised…

– You’re telling me that the S.A.S. aren’t human?
– Not fully, Prime Minister, though they can adopt human form. We test them at selection, pick the ones that can fly – hence Special
Air Service. All top secret, of course.
– Is it just them, or…
– Actually, it’s all the special forces, Prime Minister – that’s why they’re special. The US Navy Seals aren’t all selkies, and neither are our Special Boat Service, but they can all breathe under water. As for Delta Force, the name was originally chosen because the Greek letter “delta” is the mathematical symbol for “change”…


Anyway, I can hardly wait to see what Royce the Car-Decal and Jack ‘o the Lope are going to get up to. I would ask whether that’s also the bell that Abby uses to call last orders and closing time… but it’s not like licensing hours apply there, and we don’t yet know if Abby actually needs to sleep.

I think David’s being too pessimistic here. Not about the chances of magic vs bombs (I’ve read The Salvation War, I know how that goes), but about the ‘anything different’ thing. Consider any of several current science projects. SETI seeks to find intelligent aliens. There are several projects ongoing that are trying to create machine intelligences, or communicate with dolphins and chimpanzees, and concepts for uplifting higher animals to human level, David Brin style. And outside science, there are tons of comics and other fiction like Skin Deep featuring intelligent nonhumans.

The common thread in all of that is *finding someone besides us to talk to.*

Sure some people would go nuts and demand that something be done about the “newly discovered menace”, but I think a lot more people would be overjoyed, especially since the mytholos come with proof that they can live with and among us for centuries without causing problems. And *especially* especially since a good chunk of humanity is probably disguised or unturned mytholos, so the line between them and humans is instantly blurred.

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