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2023 Reader Question 41

2023 Reader Question 41 published on 9 Comments on 2023 Reader Question 41

Usually when I do these gryphon mashups I do a classic “bird in the front, mammal in the back” mashup, but with a bat I couldn’t resist an opinicus “all four legs are mammal” design. Look at this ridiculous thing. I love it. What a little friend.

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1) Do totems only represent wild animals, or can domestic animals have them too? If there is a lot of variation within the species, such as with domestic dogs or cats, is there a similar level of variation within the totems representing them?

2) Are there many, or any, strictly human-looking mythicals? They look and behave like a normal human, but they’re actually a descendent of a mythic hero (such as Beowulf) or a mythic god (such as Zeus or Ra), and may or may not have magical powers related to their powerful ancestor.

3) Do mythic gods still exist in the modern era, and if so, what are they doing with themselves these days?

Are there any “rules” for griffon mashups? Or is it more “there isn’t an example of this particular combination because I’m not feeling it.”

What’s the best in-universe theory for the griffon rules?

Have you done a penguin griffon yet? What about one that’s part cetacean? (I seem to recall one that’s part seal, maybe the other half was puffin.)

The gryphon mashups in the Reader Questions are all non-canon so there are no ‘in-universe’ rules, at least pertinent to them.

I don’t think there’s been a penguin but a previous RQ did indeed have a puffin/seal.

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