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2018 Reader Question 153

2018 Reader Question 153 published on 14 Comments on 2018 Reader Question 153

If you see a deer person in Skin Deep chances are it’s a faun! Fauns, gryphons, and satyrs are probably the most populous mythical critters in Skin Deep (in the areas we most often visit, at least). Deer women are cool, though, maybe one will show up some time.


That is curious – i know folklore doesn’t care about biology (and my knowledge is limited anyway), but aren’t antlers (usually) a male deer feature?

Thanks hugely for answering my question! That was excellent; I did wonder. The local tribe where I live has a Deer ceremonial dance every year, and there are stories all throughout the Southwest tribes about deer women, but you’re right– they’re supposed to be shy and mostly secretive (unless they’re punishing unfaithful men.)

hmmmm, i am wondering, since demons does exist in skindeep, does Succubi exist then as well?
A Succubus is a Lust-demon, often female who forces men to f**k them, in some tales, they devour the siuls of their victims, in other they are even turning their victims into a new Succubus

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