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Nixie Spit 7: Legitimate Research

Nixie Spit 7: Legitimate Research published on 63 Comments on Nixie Spit 7: Legitimate Research

And that’s the end of Nixie Spit! A shortie but a goodie. I needed to show y’all what Nixies could do, and I did! THE END. Hee hee hee.

Don’t fear, I won’t be taking a month off from comics like I usually do between stories, but I will be taking next week off because I have a lot of things I need to get finished before November starts up, such as the rest of the Borogove cards, some things for Furry Fiesta, and an illustration for the Orange Octopus Gender Zine! Thanks for understanding!

The next comic FINALLY picks up where Orientations left off! Michelle goes to see her mom and Greg comes along for the ride! I hope you’re excited because I sure am!

Also my birthday is this Friday! Just throwing that out there!!! Hooray!


I’ve never watched it (it’s on my extensive to-do list), but has Merial been watching The Last Airbender?
Also, I’m quite glad that we’re going to see Michelle and Greg again.

If that is what she’s been watching, she should probably watch out or she might accidentally dehydrate him. What did they call it, blood bending or something like that?

Bloodbending, yes, but that wasn’t the effect it had. Most any physiology book will tell you, the human body is made of 70-80% water, which, during a full moon a powerful waterbender can control the water within the blood and muscles of a body, and basically make a living puppet out of their victim, but again, only at and under the full moon, otherwise, theres not enough spiritual energy to harness to control a body. No dehydration involved, just marienettes made of people.

Didn’t the old lady kill a field of flowers by pulling the water out of them?

Yes, and as the avatar wiki states, bloodbending has a lot of potential for serious harm; cooling or boiling the blood, increasing the internal pressure within the body to crush or rupture organs, or even completely stop the beating of the heart. But, it also has a lot of application in medicine; preventing hazardous clots from forming, stymying the loss of blood from wounds, and finally, in reversal to stopping the heart, one could instead control the beat and flow of blood by controlling the heart itself.

The problems with this ability though, is one; the Moon. Only under the full moon are water benders strong enough to perform bloodbending. Second, is the users knowledge of the bodies system, since the art requires knowledge of capillaries and individual muscle groups, since the potential for causing serious damage is obvious.

Now, Merial having such powers is fairly unlikely, mainly cuz while she says she saw the trick on a show, the likelyhood of her abilities being quite as profound or exact as internal waterbending seems a tad farfetched, since a lot of bending from the avatarverse is spiritual as much as its physical.

Adding in my two cents…
as tim said a few pages back… Intent counts for a lot. Who’s to say Merial couldn’t get enough control to pull a creature’s limb juuust far enough out of whack that they miss Michelle’s arm?

Mind, she seems to need to concentrate to do it, and the only time she’s controlled water offensively she went fullform, and Greg was holding the Momo’s aggro, so to speak. it might not be the kind of thing that she can just whip out.

Awww, I was really really hoping we would see the circus guys now!

I feel in love with wheelchair guy. I love guys in wheelchairs AND circuses. It’s like the best of two worlds. Hope to see them soon, though! Your webcomic has really came a loong way now. I’m honestly impressed with all your talent and improvement. You’re a great artist, Kory! Thank you for giving us all this amazing story so far!

I like how you went out of your way to conceal Merial’s ladybits for the entire chapter, only to show there was nothing worth concealing in the second to last panel.

Real tricky, sister.

WOOT!! CALLED IT! knew she would do some hydromancy(aka waterbending aka probably what Merials talking about aka avatar the last airbender aka the last aka i’m going to do aka the end…..) ANYWAYS…..Yes, what else can we learn from kissing? That there some real chemistry going on with our local merlass and foreign jabbering gryphon(lucky devil…i wanna kiss the fish!)

Legitimate research subjects: whether Jim can lose the beak while keeping the tongue that reaches to the end of it; taste evaluation of a nixie’s tonsils and adenoids; maximum duration of a kiss if neither party needs to come up for air; whether Merial can clear sinuses as well; whether the dottification of Jim’s eyes is caused solely by water extraction, or can be induced by other means; whether Merial can turn them into exclamation points as well; whether a home run is really going to tempt this pair of mythos when they’re having so much fun at first base. The list goes on and on.

I wanna argue and say that she was watching some mainstream-comic-superhero cartoon instead of Ang, but I got nothing. Then again, did that ever actually happen in the cartoon?

This comic is making me wish that the 16 pages in a monthly direct-mail magazine was a profitable enough model. Of course, there is always signing up for chapter-break alerts and just ignoring it exists until then- if I really wanted the comfortable pacing.

Taylor said “Dot-eyed Jim just looks so derpy.”

Ha ha!!! OMG!!! Now I must INSIST that Kory create a special page called “Skin Derp”, with all the major characters in several jumbled panels with the derpiest possible expressions she can imagine for them…

That would become my wallpaper for the next entire YEAR!!!

Jadugara ^_^

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