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Homecoming 11: Nothing, Apparently

Homecoming 11: Nothing, Apparently published on 34 Comments on Homecoming 11: Nothing, Apparently

And we’re back! I got restless so I’m updating a day early! I hope to keep chugging along with Skin Deep through my conventions and shipping Borogove, but there’s a chance I might miss and update or two during the run, but I really want to have Skin Deep updating during my conventions!

Speaking of conventions! I will be at Furry Fiesta this weekend! If you’re around Dallas stop by! It will be your first chance to get Borogove (which I didn’t plan on, I had hoped the Kickstarter backers would have their stuff already, but I SHOULD get them the week after Furry Fiesta I BETTER GET THEM). Magnolia will be there too, helping me out and selling Monster Pulse merch! Come by!


So I see this. Freak out. Rush to your store to snatch a Borogove deck before it’s too late and everybody else takes them all because I was silly and missed the kickstarter… And see that it’s still coming soon. XD Glad I freaked out over that.

She should totally keep that box. It must do *something* if it kept the Medallion’s magic from working on the hidden sphinxes (like Michelle’s dad) who put their fingers near the glass.

The magic equivalent of lead-lining?

Don’t quote me on this, but I am fairly certain you have to be physically touching the medallion for it to work.

Michelle had it in her pocket (or something) all day before she put it down and turned (plus it’s resting on her shirt right now, meaning it definitely works through at least clothing), so it still affects them if it’s near, apparently.

I remember reading a question about this somewhere but I can’t remember if it was on tumblr or twitter or formspring or what. (KORY I STALKS YOU.)

I think it takes physical contact to start with. After that, proximity is enough.

Keeping the medallion sealed in its case would be bad enough, dealing with adults; they must have it secret from children. Just picture it:

“Remember, Junior! DON’T TOUCH the medallion!”

I’m a longtime lurker/neverposter who fixes computers and video game consoles for a living, and if there’s anything left of your old backup drive I’d be overjoyed to help you get your data back. I don’t have access to a clean room, but any normal computer repair tool I’ve got.

Meanwhile, here’s a Nixified Eleanor! (nah, not really, but the resemblance was there)

Is she balancing on two legs?

I love the look on her face when she’s trying to do something, but nothing happens.

Is she not changing back into a human to open the box because she’s more comfortable in that form then in her human form? Also, does she think she has magical powers in her sphinx form? Heck, does she have any magical powers at all? Plus, does she also feel the need to spout riddles? (I’m sorry if she feels that last question might be inappropriate to ask a sphinx?)

I love the story and art…. But why are the sphinx faces slowly getting more distorted? In all sphinxes(Egyptian, Etruscan, Indian, and the single Greek version) the defining trait is that they are beasts withthe faces of *human beings*… making them trapped between man and beast, serving gods or protecting sacred places, their human traits gave them the distinction as touched by magic and divinity. They are guardians and protectors made more fearsome by their diplaced humanity… I love artistic interpretation, and everyone should have their own take on these things, but I also really liked that Michelle looked like a traditional sphinx in earlier versions, and not like a lion-faced creature with a humanish nose…I still love the art, i know people’s style changes as they draw their characters, I just really wanted to know why the choice to make the sphinxes faces more and more distorted? There are already nemean lions and griffins, she is sort of slipping into obscurity if she is too lionish, she will look much like the other races. You are very gifted with expressions and storytelling! I don’t mean to criticize your talents… Just wanted to know what was going on with the style changes here, if you are consciously moving your sphinxes into more and more lionish territory or if it is something that is sort of evolving as you define your characters.

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