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Hmmm, while on the one hand it does seem rude to grill your savior, I must admit I have never been in a case where I was abducted and attacked by dragons, before being used as a battery by a creature that is known for normally being on the bad side of things.

Let’s look at what we do know based on observation:

She’s wearing clothes. The Grimm brothers don’t wear clothes. Clearly this demon has been to the human plane and liked it enough to try and make herself look more like someone from there.

I’m guessing that the Grimms are true followers of ‘the Mistress’ (referenced in Orientations) and don’t care about the human plane or about trying to be part of it.

This one is different, but like Eleanore with her fire breath she has a power that is dangerous and needs to be controlled so she can live amongst the others. I think that’s the parallel between these two stories.

Don’t trust her. Maybe demons work differently, but if I was saving Michelle and Bloodcarver I would be volunteering a lot more information right away instead of acting so indignant.

I’m reading this as a theory of mind problem. Hotpants knows what her motivations are and everything else like how the other demons won’t like it, but she forgot that other people don’t know what she knows.

It’s like, have you ever put something away like in a drawer, and then later you go to retrieve the thing from the drawer, and someone else is all like, “I moved it while you were out of the room, duh, why are you looking for it where it was instead of where it is?”

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