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Homecoming 16: Mystery Dad

Homecoming 16: Mystery Dad published on 42 Comments on Homecoming 16: Mystery Dad

Comic page! Sorry this page is several days late, I was recovering from Stumptown and Sfé Monster was hanging out, but now everything is back to the old routine and that means the comic is returning to normal! If all goes as planned, there will be a new page next Tuesday, just as planned.

Here’s a little bit of backstory about Greg’s family. Spoiler alert: he doesn’t like them very much OOPS.


Awww. Maybe now Michelle will have a bit more sympathy for poor Greg. I really love these characters :) Just as much as the Exchanges one! I hope everything is going well for Kory! I’m really happy that you posts these up! I definitely need to make some more fanart for you!

On the one hand, I want Story, Story, Story! On the other hand, gimme Backstory, dammit! Whatever you choose to dish out, Kory, I will eagerly snarf up!

Also? Oxford comma. Ahahaha!!!

I really love learning more about your characters–looks like Greg is still at least a little bothered, esp since he’s got the Nightmare in his near future, right?

Hey….idea time, folks: Perfect way to get back at Greg’s maternal side of the family is; have a random friend pocket a satyr medallion, walk up to family member of choice, lets say dear ole’ granny or aunty or some other member that would be an absolute douchenozzle about our Greg and his ma, and just poke em with the medallion. The plan would go as such….

1:pocket satyr medallion
2: locate offending family member
3:poke family with medallion
3a: if unsucessful, choose new member, repeat step until
4:member become satyr, proceeds to have hysterics
5:???….haha no, this is where the profit comes in.
6:bask in profit, repeat steps 1-5 until enjoyment of step 6 is fufilled.

Well, Satyrs are male only so only poking male members of the family would work xP

Since when? o_O

Since ever? It’s been constantly stated that Satyrs are male only o_O

I assumed that Fawns and Satyrs were considered the same species, just as nixies and nocks are just the names for the genders of the same species. Though, rereading older pages, Greg got his medallion from his grandfather, so the question now is just how far back does the Satyrness go, and does dear Greg have any maternal aunts and uncles. Thouuugh, a family that holds that anal retentive “tradition” tends to hold the “five children, thirty grandchildren” mindset as well, so there’ll be plenty of pokeable putz to mentally horrify with their new satyrness.

No, Fauns are deer women. Satyrs are goat men. A better comparison would be to Egyptian and Grecian Sphynxs. Two distinct species, but are often paired together. While there would be a fairly decent chance of Greg’s family having a Faun in their ancestry, they would need a Faun medallion to have any hope of turning any female family members o_O

Google Earth:



Drop into street view on Hwy 63 and look around.

Nice! In my opinion, this kind of realism really adds to the comic.

haha that’s great!

The fact that you actually took the time to give us that just shows how dedicated a fan you are XD.
Someday I’ll e able to do something like that….. For now, though, I’ll just have to keep staring and over- looking the comic in the search for symbolism, details, and plot connections…

Wasn’t that hard, really.

Once I made the assumption that the scene was real, I knew the artist was a perfectionist for detail, and wouldn’t change things like the state (Missouri), the name of the restaurant (Sally’s) or the highway number on the sign (63).

Google Sally’s and Highway 63, and the second entry is “Sally’s Plaza Restaurant, 105 Highway 63 S, Vienna, MO 65582”

The rest was just trudging around for a few minutes in Street View until the scene popped out at me. The house was harder, since I had no address and actually had to go up and down a couple of streets looking for it. Again, I was counting on the perfectionism of the artist for the assumption that the house was actually in Vienna.

I worried for a bit (possible privacy issue) that I might be exposing a real person’s house that the artist knows, but the actual house seemed to be for sale on the old Google Earth photo so probably has a different owner by now anyway.

Aw, no alt text? That’s half the fun!

But still, really interesting backstory. You can’t help but love Greg, and it’s nice to know that even though most of his family turned their backs, they were a bunch of douchebags from the beginning instead of people that he really trusted.

Well, I just archive-binged this entire comic, and I like it.

I gotta say though: I don’t get Michelle’s problem with being a sphinx. Telling her mom about it, sure. Being one, don’t see the problem.

“Hey guess what! All kinds of exciting new stuff is going on and you get to be a part of it! You get WINGS! You get SHARPER SENSES! You get to meet some AWESOME PEOPLE who will accept you because you’re “different like them”! And you aren’t even obligated to be part of this 99% of the time, cuz you get a magical medallion that lets you pass as human as much as you want!”

I mean, I’d develop some doubts when I got attacked by a stinky monster, but my initial reaction would pretty much go “Fuck yeah! WINGS!?!?! Let’s find out what crazy new shit I can get up to in this body! Not sure this is real but let’s run with it until I wake up!”

I think her first reactions are just a matter of disbelief, which is reasonable enough. She didn’t get a chance to work past it before the whole Momo attack thing happened. Something that dangerous happening the same day as her Turning sort of delayed her becoming comfortable with the whole thing.

Think of it this way though, by this point in the comic, she’s gotten pretty used to what she is. Look how much of the time she was at her Mom’s house was spent in full form. This arc is only about two months after her Turning, so I would say she’s settled into her new normal pretty quickly.

Hey so I think the “Next update will be before [xxx]” thing you had up before the update before this one(that made sense, right?) was a good idea. At least for during conventions and when the regular update schedule has been interrupted, just so people don’t come here on update day and go “WHAT THE HECK? Where’s my comic…? Nuuuuuuuuu….” kind of thing.
I dunno. Just my thoughts.
Still not seeing the spiral staircase, but.. okay o.0

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