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Homecoming 21: Jim Finn, Moment Ruiner

Homecoming 21: Jim Finn, Moment Ruiner published on 53 Comments on Homecoming 21: Jim Finn, Moment Ruiner

Aw that last page was sweet, wasn’t it? Let’s see what Jim has to say about it. Oh he’s completely insensitive and a nosey nelly, well that makes sense.

I wavered for awhile on whether or not to end the story with the last page and start a new one with this, but there aren’t too many pages to this part of the story, so I suppose you could consider it an epilogue.


Their dorm looks like a stylized version of the North Tower of the TJ Dorms at UMR.

I wonder if Jim and Greg live on the 4th floor…

Nope, 12th floor.
I know where to find the appartment number, but I have no access to the MSU intranet.

God I love wasting time on geeking out like this :D

They are on the tenth floor of Sunvilla Towers facing Southwest, towards campus. Not sure what room that puts them in, since I’ve never been inside Sunvilla as its usually for international (I’m assuming that is why Jim got a room there) graduate and non-traditional students due to its lax visitors policies, coed environment, apartment style rooms and it being open during the holidays. It’s also way cheaper than the other dorms!

10th? I count 18 total which makes this the 12th floor.
But the first two floors seem to have no apartments, so that would end up at 10th floor, if you number only the floors with apartments (which is both plausible and not what an engineer would do. But an architect might…)

Huh? I thought Greg had blue eyes? In the fourth panel, you apparently accidentally colored his eyes light hazel. :)

Wait, so they hang around the dorm in halfform with the drapes open? Is that wise? ;)

I’m wondering if the door is locked. Or if they’re habitual enough to make sure that they are fully cloaked before leaving.

I don’t know if it’s similar to the dorms I lived in for four years, but in Whitley Hall, you had to deliberately unlock the door, otherwise it would lock behind you automatically. (I lost count of the number of times I had to go downstairs to check out a spare key because I left my room without my keychain.)

I forget, were Jim and Merial an item now as well after that whole Nixie Spit ordeal, or was that more of a fling than anything else?

If so, my fanfic collection that I made up for this comment suddenly got a whole lot saucier.

I’ll be in my bunk.

Oh Jim, “classy” is indeed your middle name. And your other middle name must be Yeshua, which in this case is pronounced “Yeah, sure!”.

Now, what is Merial saying to Michelle?

– Being concerned ain’t prying, girl. If you can’t prove to Jim that nothing happened and it wasn’t a date, he’ll be all over campus talking about it. *and he’ll refuse to pay up*

Ah, Sunvilla. Is a nice place, indeed!

…Though now I’m sorry I’m going to be one of -those- fans who questions everything (mostly because of the Jim you posted to twitter) and ask if we’re still in 2004? Or are we in 2005 now and I wasn’t paying attention, because wasn’t it still SMSU in 2004?

Only because I remember it being a big deal in 2005 when they changed the name.

Again, sorry for being the pickiest idjit in the comments today, I really am having a ball reading the comic!

No you’re totally right! It’s still SMSU in the comic. I hated the name change because all of our email addresses had to change and it screwed up a bunch of things hahaha.

Greg shaved off his mustache. Good.

Hey now, there’s nothing wrong with having a mustache! That said, I also wouldn’t dignify the line of caterpillar fuzz Greg had on his lip by calling it a mustache. A real friend would encourage him to keep his lip clean or grow an actual mustache, not poke his beak into his roommate’s business. Then again, I suppose he could do both…

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