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Ok, I’m lost, I thought the Egg was in Red’s tomb, but I now realize that I had no grounds to base that assumption on other than the visions she got from touching said tomb. No wonder this trip seems to be taking so much longer than when Jim brought her, it’s not just the conversation.

The alt-text says not to drink the water, but I’m pretty sure at least one of those basins in the first panel will give you super powers.
Actually, I think they might be Ooze from Dimension X.

Honestly, that’s limestone cave water. It’s probably cleaner and safer to drink than tap water. The limestone acts as a really high-quality filtration system, so that by the time the water gets down there, it’s got basically nothing but H2O and dissolved minerals in it- and as long as those dissolved minerals don’t include lead (which they probably don’t- most likely just some calcium carbonate) then it’s non-toxic.

That’s not necessarily the issue, sometimes cave lakes can have toxic gasses dissolved in them too. Disturbing the water can bring those gasses out. Toxic (or even just noxious) gasses + minimal ventilation = baaaad things.

And a well designed labyrinth can be an excellent passive defense against intrusion.

It needs a guard as well- But if the bad guys have to figure it out, it slows them down.

Makes it easier to split them up and ambush them too…


Hey Kory, I was wondering if you intentionally set up your RSS to put the full page in the alert, but if not I’d recommend against it. If the full page is in the RSS, people may not bother to click through to the site, which is, uh, bad. Unless you have done it on purpose, in which case, never mind, haha. Also! I just wanted to say that I love this comic.

James: The submersible lighting was Jim’s idea. I couldn’t see the point, but I have to admit, it looks impressive. We have to take the raft through this next section. The… modification to the raft was Jim’s idea too. The batteries might have run down, but otherwise… ladies first…

Michelle: *steps onto raft*

Hidden sound system on raft: ♫♪♫ I’ts a small world, after all- ♪

Michelle: *aaaaaaaa!* *jumps back off raft* No… *backs away* Nooooooooo!

Ravi: *jumps on* Catchy! *looks at Michelle, who is cowering with her hands over her ears* Some people just don’t appreciate music.

Five minutes later, nearing the end of the raft trip…

Ravi: *examines remains of the formerly hidden sound system* I fear that, once again, I must apologise, Miss Jocasta. I should have taken your protestations and warnings at face value…


Well, it’s obvious why the Finns lost track of what they were supposed to be doing down here. During the many years prior to electricity, most of the family’s time was spent replacing and maintaining candles and torches in this vast labyrinth.

I’m gonna be disappointed if there aren’t any block-pushing, music-based, or hit-the-switches-in-the-correct-order puzzles down here.

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