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Ooooh, are those snake-y looking thingees in the first panel basilisks?

More likely Nagas, considering Ravi based it on India.

Based on a lot of the statues of Nagas you see in India it doesn’t make sense why these ones would be hiding their heads, considering it’s one of their most prominent features.

You can totally see that those hooded statues have beaks.

Okay… don’t know what it has to do with the naga/basilisks..

I’m saying it doesn’t and that the statues are of Griffins and Mid-form Griffins done in an Indian style.

Sure, we have all this exciting stuff happening, but the one question I wanna have the answer to is…

What does Ravi’s alternate form(s) look like?!

I imagine him looking like one of those Organians from Star Trek: The Original Series. (Those guys in the first episode with the Klingons)

“What happened to the Klingons?
Remember in the day,
they looked like Puerto Ricans
and dressed in gold lamé?

Now they look like heavy metal
rockers from the dead,
with leather pants and frizzy hair
and lobsters on their heads!”

— from “U.S.S. Make Sh*t Up”, Voltaire.
(Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Oh. My. God. I have been trying to remember the name of that song for like 3 years! THANK YOU!

Hahaha, you’re welcome! Voltaire’s got three other Star Trek songs, including the “Sexy Data Tango”, “Worf’s Revenge (Klingon Rap)”, and “Screw the Ocampa! (I Wanna Go Home)”.

Though my favorite Voltaire song (next to the U.S.S. Make Shit Up) is still The Vampire Club. xD

You see those birds on the corners of the pillars in the first panel? I think those are some kind of mynah. That family of bird is well represented in India. I’m guessing that Ravi’s alternate form, or at least the one he used during his visit to medieval Liverpool, is one such.

I really love the carvings of the dancing gryphon and the hooded, still gryphon. Life and death? That’s how I’d read it. As for the snaky things, I don’t think they’re Nagas– they have legs. I did a bit of searching and looked at a LOT of carved Nagas on temple walls (and not the D&D stuff, gods there’s a lot of that!) and not one had legs. So, considering the hidden faces, I’d say that they’re likely Basilisks myself, hiding their destroying gazes in a holy place.

Check it out: an “all-fours” door. Two-leggers have to duck.

actually that used to be a common feature in buildings by some cultures.. a defensive feature. if an intruder/invader has to duck to enter, it makes their necks and head very vulnerable to a defender with a sword or axe inside..

I’m waiting for a Lara Croft/Indiana Jones cameo.
In other news, booth 911? Am I the only one who’s finding it hard to resist making a dark joke at that?

I’m a little surprised that Michelle transformed into a sphinx without seemingly noticing, but I’m more surprised that nobody but Flaming Squirrel commented on it. (Not even James.) Why did she do it, or was it pushed on her by the tomb or the room? I suppose I could just look ahead, but I’m trying to make the archive-reading last.

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