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michelle why are you using cursive


Hrm, comparing that bottom panel there to
The position change, sure, whatever, that probably doesn’t mean much. But decided against the egyptian styled hair? Without that, it’s hard to tell he’s not just a lion from behind…

He’s not just the missing Egyptian hair, he’s also missing the armbands he was wearing in that scene.

My guess is the picture on this page is what Michelle drew into her notebook. She may not have bothered putting much detail, or didn’t recall enough to make it completely accurate.

It does have a particularly sketched quality to it. We really don’t know anything about Michelle’s artistic skills. You might be right.

I can’t stop imagining how Jocasta Sr. would look if just a single curved line and a large dot were added to his face/forehead in the sketch… do you see the eyeball now? *freaking out*

She has an “everything” book! I always carry one of those, where all kinds of stuff gets written down. Finding information afterwards is not always easy, though.

I enjoy the detail you put into these comics, like Michelle’s misspellings based on what she heard.

Seems like being an unturned sphinx is bad for your health. I wonder how long a turned one lives.

Mmmmm no. An aneurysm is not an illness you can get, it’s something you’re born with. It means that an artery in your body has a part where it is too thin, and the blood presure makes it inflated. Like this When blood presure is too high or you’re hit near the artery that part can break causing an inmense internal hemorrage. So it is impossible that not turning and being a sphinx is bad for your heatlh xD At least in that way.
Hope it’s clear, english is not my native language.

There still may be something dangerous about being an unturned sphinx. Perhaps there is a magical buildup that can’t find release, and that’s why the blood vessel burst.

Or perhaps it was a demonic/magical attack. Either it looks just like an anurism, or the doctor gave them the mundane explanation because he thought his family were mundanes.

More questions than answers for the moment, but I get the feeling we’re going to get a few answers here pretty shortly…

There is a Major Question still unasked.
Just how DID the shade of Michael learn of his Sphinx heritage, and of the Great War, and of Ravi, and that Ravi is still here?

I wonder if Michelle’s dad may have been older than thirty. Like MUCH older. From Homecoming,Michelle’s mom probably never met her mother-in-law because she died young. She didn’t mention her father-in-law, just that she didn’t know much about her husband’s side of the family.

That could be, even if he was unturned. Gryphons live about 200 years, and I recall seeing in the reader questions (or something) that an unturned gryphon would live longer than an average human, though not as long as a turned gryphon. If sphinxes normally live VERY long lives, it’s possible an unturned one could live noticeably longer than a human.

Michael Jocasta: Michelle… Remember who you are.

Michelle: Great. My life’s a disney movie :|

…I’m sorry, thats what always comes to mind when I see that vision x’D

“The Jocastas, the Wosrets
We can stop them.”

Every time I read that, it seems like he’s saying the Jocastas and Wosrets are the ones who need to be stopped. Odd.

That’s not the only bit of odd phrasing. He also said “They are planning an attack, you must warn them.” That makes it sound like she needs to warn whoever is planning an attack. Could be cryptic dream lack of clarity, simple poor phrasing on her father’s part (can’t be easy for the dead to communicate with the living, and anyway, he’s a Sphinx too), or a hint that whichever side makes the first move to reignite the war will be marching into a trap, which agrees with the Jocastas and Wosrets needing to be stopped (if, as we all seem to be assuming, the Sphinxes are the good guys in this scenario).

What all three of you have missed is what Michelle asks on the previous page.
“What are you doing here? What do they want with me?”
She asks this of her father, after falling unconscious from sending Mikhail and Damien back to Dis after plunging into the disagreement between the Grim Brothers, and Bloodcarver.
So the ones she is asking this about are the Grim Brothers and Bloodcarver.
Following on from that, this most likely means that the ones Michael would seem to be referring to as ‘they’ are the demons and the dragons.

Jocasta Senior is playing the pronoun game, so who can say for sure?
“What are you doing here? What do they want with me? What did I do?”
answered with
“Michelle… I’m sorry. The Jocastas, the Wosrets… We can stop them. That is why I woke you.”

It just seems weird to say Jocastas and Wosrets there. Yeah, Jocasta senior is having some difficulty communicating, but I gotta say it seems like the perfect cover for a later twist!

At very least, this seems to suggest that the Wosrets still exist. Michael knew about Ravi, and about this apparent impending attack, so it makes sense that if he is talking about Wosrets then they are probably still relevant.

I’ve long wondered if Sam might not have turned as a gryphon because he’s really a sphinx. I think odds are good if he were that important to the plot he would have shown up more, so he probably isn’t, but still, his teeth are awfully pointy for a human…

I might jave an theory why michelle’s dad knows all about this, maybe in dis, where they are obvieously going after the death, they can look into the future and her dad saw the beginning of an second great war and was trying to stop it from happening

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