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So both the sphinxes AND the dragons faked extinction to trick the other…

There’s something rather hilarious about that.

About time we heard your opinions, Lorney-loo! And Michelle, maybe you could do some more research on your father’s side of the family

Homecoming, Page 10, frame 3. Janice Jocasta:
“His mother died young, but he never talked much about that.
“I should have learned more about his family.”
“Should I have been more suspicious about all of that? Asked him more questions?”

So the only one who could have ANY answers is now pretty much uncontactable in Limbo, thanks to what he caused during orientations.

Ravi, you and that shit-eating grin. His escalating “HMM!”s make me smile myself. He’s just pleased as punch and amused as hell at everything happening here.

It’s actually amazing just how many unknown relatives you can have out there. My uncle and aunt did some in-depth research into their respective family histories, and discovered they have a set of great-grandparents in common! They’re second cousins and never knew it… This is really surprising considering my uncle is from Hawaii and my aunt is from Pennsylvania.

Yup. My mother passed 2 months ago. I only knew that she had an older half-sister (whom we never spoke about because there wasn’t a closeness) and 2 cousins (one from a blood-aunt and another from a blood-uncle). I also knew that my mother had 3 aunts and 2 uncles (her father being the third brother). So, 6 siblings in total. One died young from getting kicked in the head from a horse. I only knew one aunt had one child (her male cousin) and one uncle had one child? (her female cousin; unknown if there are other children from this uncle). After I informed them of her passing, I get an email from another cousin who I never heard of. She is the daughter of one of the other uncles and they mentioned other family.

Tell me about it. One day when I was in Jr High, I find my Uncle driving our car to pick me up. Which was kind of strange since he lived several counties away. When I get home I find my mom, her sister and a strange woman all together talking. Turns out she was their half sister. My grandmother had gotten pregnant when she was in high school, had the baby and put her up for adoption and never told a soul about it.

Best part, the people who adopted her for a time lived on the next block from my mom and sister. Right across the alley. They played together as little girls.

That’s for sure. A friend of mine was born in Ireland and moved to the U.S. when he was in his teens; he knew that some of his U.S. relatives had had some sort of enormous feud back in the 1800’s and that a branch had moved to Texas but he didn’t know much more about it than that. When he got into his 20’s, he managed to contact them by phone and when his work-route (he drove trucks) took him near that part of TX, he and a cousin arranged to meet at a bar near the interstate. So my friend (who is, btw, very fair-skinned and who has light brown hair) sat down in this bar to wait for his newfound cousin to show up… and after a while, a very large black man who looked oddly familiar approached him a little warily and asked his name. Turns out that the family fight had been over an interracial marriage. My friend and his newfound cousin proceeded to get horrendously drunk, got thrown out of the bar together, and the family branches have gotten happily reacquainted since then.

True. My aunt was looking into our ancestry and found a guy in Australia who shared her grandparents. Turns out her mother (my grandmother) had a sister born out of wedlock to my great-grandmother and she was given away. Her new family moved from England to Australia and for 80 years nobody knew she existed, or the whole other branch of family over there. Best part is we went out there in 2000 to meet them all, and when my dad met her he drew up short. He said it was like seeing the ghost of his grandmother. Of all three sisters, only the one we knew nothing about was her mother’s spitting image. I think that’s neat.

The rpg world builder in me is wondering what the fertility rate between unturned and normal humans is, And if its a 100% transmission rate of that trait. Looking back we can see evidence that it might not be. I don’t know maybe this is just random thoughts from me.

That man is WAY too cheery to be talking about genocide, extinction, people who spend their lives in hiding because they are afraid for their lives, and a girl who may be the last of her kind.
I know he’s not happy BECAUSE of those things, but still.

It may be the fact that he is a yaksha that is the reason for the expression on his face. If you look at the images of them, they are always pictured with having an ‘exaggerated’ expression on their face, especially around the mouth area. According to Jim, he is always like this.

No, go to antique jewelry stores and touch EVERYTHING!

It just occurred to me that people whose jobs require them to handle stuff like antique jewelry or archaeological artifacts should be more likely to get Turned if they’re not actually as human as they appear. Is there a subset of the cryptid community working in museums, auction houses, and pawn shops?

Thinking about what Lorne asked, and the Vision which Michelle saw, in this story you’ve dropped a serious Chekov’s Gun into the SkinDeep world, Kory.
Why am I now thinking that Medallions rack, which Michelle sawin the Vision, was loaded with Sphinx Medallions?

Hmmm. One wonders how long Sphinxes live. It is just possible that Michelle’s dad was the original Jocasta. Would very easily explain why there was no family on his side and this suddenly appearing Sphinx girl.

Yeah, I guess everything WOULD be interesting if you knew all the little details leading up to them. You would be seeing society as a hundred thousand separate dramas playing out simultaneously, the land changing as a Rube Goldberg machine, and the past as where powerful people plot for your present.
It would also explain why he is so chirpy too.

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