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Illumination 3 page 23

Illumination 3 page 23 published on 23 Comments on Illumination 3 page 23

Sorry for the short delay in updating the comic today! I wanted to be able to announce my newest Kickstarter with today’s update, but it got a little delayed! But it launched! It’s a pin set!! (edit: oops i originally put in the wrong link! it’s fixed now!)

Yes! A new pin set! This time it’s about CONVERGENT EVOLUTION! If you like wingalings, you’ll like these pins! Go check it out!


Greg: “Do you think she even needs us anymore”
Michelle: “Everyone’s looking at me, what is happening, I wish Greg was here!”

It makes sense that Greg would be worried because Greg is an imperfect person and has his own insecurities.

But seriously, she needs y’all more than ever right now. Michelle absolutely needs her down-to-earth college buddies to help her through this weird crap.

I like the difference in the characters’ attitudes towards the council. Greg is seeing them as some sort of shadowy organization that has power of him and his friends, and that he has no reason to trust. Jim knows it’s just his dad, Blanche’s dad, Alec’s dad, and their friends. I see this as being based a lot on the situation they grew up in, Jim’s known this system all his life and trusts it, Greg grew up without any support from other creatures, and has no reason to assume they’ll be helpful now.

Er, yes?? C’mon, Greg, you cute dummy, you Teens(tm) are the closest thing to a normal, down-to-earth existence she has when her mom isn’t around. She may want to do the right thing but I bet she’s not very into this whole “centuries-old magical wainscot” thing in general.

Damn Greg, grow out of that mopey phase, she does need you, and she’ll probably need you even more after the council finishes tearing her apart with questions and doubt. By the way, if “you” should be there because it will affect everyone, then so should everyone be there, and that would be a logistical nightmare.

Hey Kory are we going to see you do a cameo in this comic like Stan Lee does in all his movies? I hope so because that would very cool.

I may be dating myself by pointing this out, but Wendy & Richard Pini went beyond cameo when they cast themselves as guest characters in their comic “Elfquest”.

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