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Illumination 3 page 22

Illumination 3 page 22 published on 38 Comments on Illumination 3 page 22

I’m back from SDCC! I had a great time, and saw a few of y’all down there! It was nice to see you! Now I want to sleep for four million years!

I hope it’s understood when I say “currently” in Skin Deep I mean “the time when the current plot is happening” aka 2005. I can’t say “present day” because that would be 2017 and it is not 2017 in Skin Deep yet!!


What the hell is going on with Jim’s body in panel 3? O.o I can’t seem to picture how he’s laying like that.

For the first time in Skin Deep — newdity! I mean yeah, it’s a painting of newdity in a comic strip and the most innocent cute newdity ever, but still.

Yes, the Trogdor shirt is awesome: a drawing of a fictional Burninating Dragon on a drawing of a t-shirt on a guy drawn in a fictional comic that has Burninating Dragons in it that want to be guys wearning t-shirts.

Yay for Meta Day!

The usual conventional comic scene change announcer is “Meanwhile….” Here’s a morbid thought: If Michele has all these race memories of all the sphinxes, does she have the memories of each and every one of them being killed in the war? That would tend to make one introspective, if not downright moody. No wonder Jocasta has a short fuse.

Hold up a sec here. Is that sayter girl naked? Somebody sensor that quick.

I’m sure someone out there would be willing to try, Atlas. Americans (overall, not individually) are far too prudish about nudity.

Mark, I agree about most Americans. There’s nothing wrong with the fact of nudity, and all should let folks enjoy the freedom. I’m confused about why Americans let a (large?) minority speak for all.

That said, let’s tell parents of kids under 13 there’s a comic drawing of a painting including a nude woman. Same sort of thing in museums. Nobody should get offended.

“That’s just the way it’s done” is never a good excuse.

Agreed. It makes it way too easy for the oligarchy to maintain, and tighten, a crushing grip. “That’s just how it is” is the excuse that has lead to the severe wage stagnation in america, and the absurdly strong resistance -against- paying people enough to enable them to live in the local society. Which is absurd.

I’m surprised that’s the only explanation.

Like, it’s pretty clear why they aren’t allowed inside. Michelle is speaking to the local governing body about a very delicate matter. As the governing body, there is no good reason (and a significant number of bad ones) to allow a bunch of college students — most of whom are not even from the *country*, let alone the community, and likely have only a passing knowledge of the more specialized laws of the Avalon to begin with — to walk into the room and start raising their voices.

Unless Greg intends to just sit quietly in the corner, which is highly unlikely.

Just out of curiosity, will the comic ever “jump forward” to present day?

The current storyline reaches whatever conclusion it’s heading for, then we get a “Skin Deep: the Next Generation” or something? (Greg and Michelle have had a baby goatbirdcat or catbirdgoat or whatever, all the surviving dragons have found jobs at Disney theme parks, and Anthony Gillis now makes a living selling authentic quill pens on Etsy. :) )


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