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I am so looking forward to seeing these two interact one-on-one.

Well considering Muriel is basically the female Jim, I’d say it’s a good thing she can control water because they’re going to get along like a house on fire.

Oh dear.
“I Haven’t seen more than a glimpse of Michelle in the last few days.”

If it’s Michelle wanting space, fine. She deserves a little bit of time to get her head on right.

If the phrases ‘the Greater Good’ or ‘for my Own Protection’ came up when Merial went looking… Lorne and Merial need to break her out. Now. Not even flee the Liverpool Avalon. Just a little trip out to remind Michelle that she’s not even 20 yet, and The Elders may be putting too much pressure on her.

Seems like a bit of a jump. Michelle said she wanted to learn more her visions and was invited to the Avalon library to look into history. She’s probably been in there trying to piece everything together.

That’s how they get you.

Now spinning a Worst Light Situation.

It starts with isolating her for a bit. Convincing her there’ll be time to socialize later “Isn’t it more important to figure this out now? ”

After a few weeks, and she’s gotten a hold of her abilities, made a few NEW medallions, Well, isn’t that a better use of your time than talking with your friends? There’s this guy, Anthony… he kinda got Turned… and now he’s stuck, because Harpies like him don’t get medallions, not to mention all the other Monsters! YOU can make that right, Michelle!

Meanwhile Merial and Crewe are being stonewalled by The Council, who say that Michelle asked The Council to say that she’s busy with Important work, and The Council tells Michelle that her friends understand that her work is Very Important.

Maybe they’ll be by later. If The Council Lets them.

Worst Light Over: Michelle will prolly not let it get that far… but I, personally, would be breaking windows and insisting on talking to Michelle/Merial personally, in their respective places.

Is that a manticore in the back, the reddish lion like being with the wrapped tail next to Zech and Alec? Petrus, someone to see you!
Hey, Merial, Lorne can show you that nifty secret entrance to the Avalon that the elders know nothing about.
Sorry, bored out of my mind at the office so my mind is now having a demented fox terrier fit.

There’s at least two live in manticores in the Avalon. They’re known as Waldorf and Statler, because they’re usually hanging out together and honking at each other in manticores, probably bitching about things.

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