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But wait, -theeeeeey- came out of nowhere?

Phineas does seem a little vague about the number of attackers: “They came out of nowhere,” but, “A great bloody white dragon!”

How many dragons were there? Or was she accompanied by something else?

What a hissy fit that dragon threw. If I can’t have one, no one can have any. Pfeh, seems rather self important

Dose “self important” or “hissy fit” really apply here? Its not like the dragon is pissy that they arn’t getting the latest iPhone. Sure it’s not good to attack the sphinxes because others who are not directly involved will suffer aswell and it ruins their chances of getting help even more but try withholding life saving things to specific groups in real life, particularly one who gets targeted more than others, and see how they react. No one is going to sit around quietly or polity debate it and of course they are going to attack you.

“Someone please tell Phineas that he’s a good boy before he explodes.”

And, as we all know, an exploding Phineas would leave a very messy stain on the carpet.

Hey wait a darn minute when did the phin mister get a raven?

Phineas has had a raven since he first showed up at their home in the first flashback we were shown.

Not just that, but we even saw the raven in that wibbly-wobbly vision Michelle had when she touched Phineas’ tomb waaaaaay back in the first chapter of “Illumination.” The raven is even in the engravings on the tomb.

(I dug up the page numbers for y’all. Illumination 1 pages 4 and 5. The first glimpse of the raven… who MAY or MAY NOT have been Indian.)

I honestly have to wonder if this is a false flag operation. I mean, could that dragon have even gotten to the shop by then?

Granted, she DID attempt to burn them with fire when she got angry, but I’d HOPE she’d not do that when negotiating with a more flammable species.

Because, if she does do this sort of thing simply out of pique, well…I can see why the Sphinxes didn’t want to make Dragon Medallions.

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