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I like how she waited for hime to take a bite of fries to attain MAXIMUM REACTION.

**sporfles** ‘Avalonians’ sounds like an ’80s New Age rock band, the kind with really big hair and themed albums about crystals. “…and opening at the Diva lounge for Rainbow Cicada will be the Avalonians with their hit single, ‘Amethyst Soul’…” Also, I dearly love that look of mischief in Merial’s expression in the last panel. Merial, are you trying to hit on Lorne, set him up again with Jim, or both at once? :)

Hmmm, how about “Zoo Sapiens” or “Zooman Beings” (zoobeans for short) or “Crypto Sapiens” or “The Hidden Nations” or “Special-Powered Unclassified Dimorphic Sapiens” (SPUDS for short). I could think of more!

Has it been established whether Lorne is gay or bi?

I believe he and Lorne are both identify as being more or less pansexual. But Kory’s described both as being the sorts of people who are attracted to personalities rather than specific appearances. This was in one of the Reader’s Questions.

In Seanan McGuire’s excellent EnCryptid series, they’re cryptids. As opposed to, say, hominids.

As hidden species, cryptids are the subject studied in cryptozoology. Sasquatch, Nessie, and yeti are some of the better-known examples that “everybody knows” don’t exist. Cryptid and mytholo are the two collective nouns I’ve used in the Skin Deep context.

Fabalosus Sapiens (Modern Mythical, maybe?) might work, but the term is pretty broad based and would be rather lazy as they aren’t a single species, but but a general culture developed for mutual need and protection. A zoologist would have a field day coming up for all the scientific names for the various species of people, but they’ll probably be disappointed when they find out that it’s likely someone from the inside already did it. :)

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