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Oh no.

Please don’t tell me Lorne likes him romantically. Because I suspect Him doesn’t see him as anything but a brother, and I also suspect his high and mighty traditionalist family wouldn’t approve of such a relationship either. :(

Foxhack, you need to go back and re-read the rest of the comic. Especially the part where Jim is complaining about the punk-rock Pegasus he used to date. Sadly, I don’t remember exactly which chapter it is, but the dialogue goes something like this:

Lorne – “How should I know? Didn’t you used to date her?”
Jim – “Yeah, but I also dated YOU. Obviously I have low standards.”

It’s confirmed by Word of God that Lorne and Jim are both bisexual, or maybe “pansexual” is a better word. They both are more attracted to personality rather than race or gender, and they did date each other for a while.

What’s a what merial said.

a small device able to be connected to and used with a computer, especially to allow access to wireless broadband or use of protected software. -Google Definition.

Thanks. Of course you could have said that it is something for the computer.

In the old days, the “dongle” was just a form of copy protection. The earliest dongle came with a word processor named Wordcraft. The dongle connected to one of the two tape cassette ports on the Commodore PET. The prototype was on Veroboard which dangled from the tape port edge connector on wires – so “dangle” became “dongle”. In layman’s terms, Wordcraft checked the cassette port for a specific reply from the dongle. If the dongle didn’t respond, Wordcraft would refuse to run.

Later dongles plugged into a Centronics parallel port, a 25-pin serial port, or a 9-pin serial port, and eventually USB ports. Many modern motherboards don’t have parallel ports or serial ports anymore, because most devices use some variant of USB, eSATA, or Firewire nowadays. However, they operate pretty much the same way.

The definition of “dongle” now includes things that expand the computer’s abilities. For example, if I have a laptop that does not have built-in Bluetooth, and I plug in a USB Bluetooth device, I am adding a “Bluetooth dongle”. But originally it was just a form of copy protection.

So like I said. It would be easier just to call a computer thingy.

P.S. Mark how do you get this info?

“How do I get this info?”

I was a computer geek before being a computer geek was cool. I’m 47 years old… I grew up with most of this “obsolete” technology. I taught myself to program in machine language on a VIC-20 when I was just 10 years old.

Also, all this information is available on Wikipedia by searching for “copy protection dongle”.

She must be having a time eating those fries for how weird she’s eating them.

Teeth like hers are not designed for chewing. They’re designed for shearing off pieces like a shark. When she is in human form, she could chew “normally”. But in mid-form or full-form, she’d have to use some other method of “chewing” unless she wanted to swallow her food whole or in large pieces the way sharks do.

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