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Oh god, is this gonna be like Assassins Creed: Revelations, where she can’t leave the person’s memories until she’s seen them all?

“Why don’t ye make more medallions fer unicorns? See, now there’s a good investment.”

Interesting question.
Were unicorns made extinct before, or after The Great War?

I believe Kory said they went extinct in the 15th century, so after the great war.

The RQ says they were hunted to extinction in the middle ages.
According to Wikipedia that covers from about 500 AD to about 1500 AD.
From what was not available at the time of the Vision flashback last chapter (coffee, town clocks, and religious/church clocks), it seems that the latest time that Great War could have taken place is the late 1100s / early 1200s. It could well be a hundred years earlier.

Ah, the smell of the olde racism. People have always been people, it seems

Ravi? Being helpful and understanding? What alternate world did we jump into?

Probably more like “if I don’t get to bother her no one does.” Or ” Come on kid, it’s like you’ve never seen a sphinx having a vision before, it’s not interesting, let’s go eat.”

Either way he’s being useful, so I’m not going to tell him to stop.

Of course while we’re in flashback mode I’m sure he’s in the kitchen annoying all the Finns.

I think Ravi’s perspective changed a bit when he learned she hadn’t had access to the inherited power/memories.

The main reason for all the “but of course you know this” is that he genuinely thought she did.

So when bringing her back in, he retained his lighthearted personality, but does genuinely know that she needs to rest and process.

See, now I find this interesting. Weren’t monsters at some point defined as beings for whom medallions didn’t exist? If that’s so, then what made someone a “monster” pre-medallions? Dietary habits? Social norms? Good, ol’ fashioned, arbitrary racism? Tell me, long dead, ancient satyr!

I don’t see why everyone hates on Ravi so much. He’s a little rude sometimes, sure, but he’s not as bad if you haven’t been waiting a week between each page. It’s not like he’s ever trying /not/ to be helpful, either; he just assumes people know more than they do. He definitely doesn’t deserve all the hate he gets.

It is his actively hypocritical behaviour, his immediate furious anger at anyONE who doesn’t comply precisely with his ThePlan(tm) at all times, and his constant shoving himself in everyone’s faces solely to big note himself and his actions, that has very thoroughly gotten us readers annoyed with him.

Nah. I can’t be annoyed at Mr. Ravi. He has good intentions. He reminds me my old chem teacher.

After awhile you just learn to take the eccentric outbursts in stride. I mean, sure, its easy to get sucked into the emotional whirlwind when he gets mad like that, but he’s quite apologetic when he realizes he’s in the wrong.
Besides, it’s hard to stay mad at someone who clearly suffers a bit of an EQ problem. Honestly, wouldn’t be surprised if they had clinically-diagnosable Asperger’s.

And well… when you’re in the wrong… you do wish that it was handled differently but still. Obviously meant well. And cared. You wouldn’t get that angry if you obviously didn’t care.

Apparently there’s a time limit for editing, lol. Technically clicked on “edit” before limit was up but apparently limit expired before edit was finished. Oh well.

Was just giving another example of how some of the anger might have been more directed at self but inappropriately expressed.

Well… thing is, we know he’s at least trying to be helpful. We know that, as an immortal, he sees things from a different perspective from everyone else. The problem is that, perhaps because of his altered perspective, he perpetually forgets what they say about assuming:

“Never assume, because it makes an ASS out of U and ME.”

So, a lot of the hate on Ravi is because he has made an ass of himself so many times. Here’s just a partial list:

* ASSUMED that the Finn family would still know about Ravi’s gift after 800 years.
* ASSUMED that Jimothy knew about his gift (earth/plant magic) and how to use it.
* ASSUMED (because of the previous two assumptions) that Jimothy was the next guardian of the egg.
* ASSUMED that Michelle already had full access to the knowledge and power of the Sphinxes.

I’m sure there’s a lot of other assumptions that I’m missing… to make matters worse, every single time he’s ASSUMED something, he’s gotten bitchy when his assumptions turned out to be false.

Oh, and also, because of what JeniSkunk said earlier: He has an annoying habit of reminding people about his contributions because he wants everyone to know just how important he is. “Oh, I did this. And this. And this. And that.”

It’s probably partially because he has a different perspective than mortals, and partially because he was talking to Michelle, who didn’t already know this (and on the other side of the fourth wall, the readers didn’t know either) but it comes across as arrogant and narcissistic… two traits that do not endear him to people.

Is that Buggane just window shopping? Get outta here you shapeshifter! Also, what is that white kangaroo looking thing? I’m fairly familiar with European creatures but that shape eludes me.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the store had been better known locally for jewellery before the need for Medallions arose. So the Buggane could well be shopping for a new necklace or earrings.

Now, I’m wondering what species are the two window-shoppers outside the shop, looking in? One looks ursine, and the other is obviously avian.

I wonder: when dragons or other hostile agents come looking for medallion-makers to attack, will they be able to spot that big medallion-shaped signboard hanging out front near the peak of the roof?

It will happen when it will happen. As a great man once said ” look not in the dragons mouth for danger lies there.” It means don’t go looking for danger or go crazy waiting for danger to come, just be prepared when it does.

You misunderstood the question.
I’ll say it plainer:
Does the shop sign look like a huge Medallion, and does it clearly mark the shop an Obvious Target for the Dragons to attack?

I would assume they built such an obvious target in a place far away from any dragons that would torch it.

And, of course there’ve never been any stories of dragons on Albion, or anywhere else in the British Isles.

Now I’m wondering: does Wosret need to make a coin die for EACH medallion? Is the magic so powerful that the die is destroyed in the process of making the medallions? I thought those dies(dice?) were each for one TYPE of creature, not one for each medallion.
Also, it seems Jocasta, and not Wosret, was the powerful one, after all, XD
(since Wosret is carving the medallions I’m assuming it’s Jocasta that enchants them, but we all know what they say about assuming…)

There’s more than one kind of power, even among sphinxes. When the Great War was first mentioned, way back in chapter 2 of Orientations, a narrated image on page 14 showed a wingless (male?) sphinx fending off dragonfire. I’m guessing that she has the power to make the medallions, and he has the power to keep her alive while she does it.

Just googled their names out of pure curiosity, and it seems Jocasta and Wosret are names of actual historical/mythical figures. Wosret is the name of an egyptian goddess. It means “the powerful”. I guess that explains it. All sphinxes were powerful, but this one is *called* “powerful”.

Could be just coincidence.

Another detail I noticed on re-read: the monk in panel 4 has a Second-Millenium tonsure. More confirmation that it’s only about 8 centuries ago.
(The original tonsure shaved the sides and left the top to grow. It changed around late 10th or early 11th century. My own speculation is that elderly clerics with Male Pattern Baldness didn’t like shaving off the only hair they had left.)

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