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michelle is being lightly abusive, and bloodcarver look sad…

I wonder if she will realize, when the stress of the situation dies down, that bloodcarver is even more lost than her (emotion wise, compared to the mundane geographically wise she experience), and what she accuse him is what the situation will cost him : cutting any link to friend family, a complete and permanent isolation in a very different world

I have a lot of sympathy for Bloodcarver, but I don’t think Michelle’s anger is abusive. He *did* kidnap her – that’s hard to excuse. Especially since Bloodcarver’s actions almost condemned her to being stuck as some kind of hell-battery. On top of that, he still feels compelled to defend his father, despite his father’s rather horrific intentions for Michelle. Being kidnapped and almost sent to a fate worse than death is worth getting angry over.

On a more practical note, I think Bloodcarver needed to be shocked out of his (understandable but poorly timed) freakout over his father’s betrayal. It takes time and careful thought to have a discussion around deep emotional trauma, and right now all their physical and mental resources are busy keeping them alive and free. They can have a polite and respectful discussion after they make their escape and the adrenaline wears off.

I have to respectfully disagree. Being kidnapped, sacrificed, soul-drained for eternity…and only yelling? She is being fairly understated. Yes, Bloodcarver is a victim of an insular, abusive society based on force, pride, and lies. Yes, he is a victim. But that doesn’t mean that in standing up for oneself, one becomes abusive. It doesn’t mean that in being angry at justified wrongs, one is abusive. Bloodcarver here, too, despite mounting evidence and the near-slaughter of the living, breathing person in front of him–is not considering the gravity of what HE did. He’s still wrapped up in the false narrative, and trying to navigate out. Look at his anger at Michelle in the first, top panel.

Let me precise what i meant :
Even though he is now helping her, and visibly lost emotionally as well, and the fact that it is clearly counter productive , she is verbally harassing him, more strongly so than she was antagonizing Dispater.

Because, being contrite and lost make him a safer target.

It is understandable under the situation, but not really a glowing mark of character
Plus, she should be more emotionally mature (or rather, balanced) than him, having grown in a rich and favorable environment with plenty of roles models and perspectives.

…I think you are expecting waaaaaaaay too much of someone who was kidnapped, was kind enough to give him a chance anyway, and then nearly sacrificed for eternity XD

I was just thinking that the bickering was not helping and would be better directed at the actual responsible, rather than the convenient target currently helping her, and risking his life as well.

I hope Bloodcarver and Michelle become friends by the end of this. He looks like he could use a good friend.

He has the angel… erh, never mind.
Hold on, didn’t the angel say once that if the demons tried to put their grubby paws on the sphinx he would intervene?

It’s the same area as O&R C3 Page 7. Yay almost home!

Anyone else wonder if Bloodcarver might get medalion?

Bloodcarver only has two options at this point; hope for a medallion, or hide out in a place like Wonderland. The latter looks more viable and likely right now.

I wonder if there is a mirror large enough for him to squeeze through. It might help if the shrinking mushrooms are real, but then he could become cat-sized and ride around on someone’s shoulder.

It doesn’t have to be a mirror per se, I’m sure a hellmouth is just as viable a portal.

What, you don’t SERIOUSLY think the demons wouldn’t create a link to a world so magically oversaturated that they could also siphon some power from without anyone noticing? And spread boogeymonster stories like the Jabberwock to keep outsiders away from the link point.

I’m thinking Bloodcarver may well be the ‘test subject’ in this story. The one Michelle uses to create a medallion for and test out her ability to do so. Until that point, my guess is that a place like Wonderland would be his only home if they’re willing to shelter him. Which would be quite an ordeal unto itself. First a sphinx, now a dragon. A dragon that’s caused his share of grief with Michelle and the others. It would definitely take some difficult work for trust to form there haha.

It would be quite interesting to seem him become something of a mainstay or side story. If he can shake off the misinformation and delusions Pater put into him, he would definitely have an interest in defending Michelle due to her ability to create medallions and a drive to free the other dragons from Pater’s influence as well so they could have such a life as he may find there, especially his wife/mate who we’ve yet to know the fate of. That’s been the biggest question mark I’ve had so far. I do fear that she may be used against him even in some way.

Y’know, if Meesh can make a medallion for Bloodcarver, I imagine there’s going to be a whole lot of disappointment/hurt feelings if she ignores the MANY inhabitants of her Avalon (and probably the London Avalon where many of her friends live) who are ALSO of races that didn’t get no medallions back in the day.

I mean, wouldn’t you have some resentment, if you were a harpy or something that had never fought a murderous bloody war against the sphinxes, or the medusa who has treated her well and given her information when she’s been in the store, or whatever, and the last surviving sphinx chooses to make a medallion for a dragon and not for you?

Also think of it. Last surviving sphinx. There will never be another chance for your entire species.

To be fair. If she could make a medalion for a dragon. Especially for bloodcarver in particular. I am more than sure she could actually start a business getting everyone else medalions. I am personally totally hoping that Bloodcarver gets to be a bigger part of the rest of the group… Then again. I tend to have affections for dragons and blood is the most reasonable dragon.. well outside of the cute little green one.

She really hasn’t had that much time between the decision to keep her safe in the Avalon and this happening. Her offer to the Dragons was running under the assumption they’d *want* to get out of Dis. She assumed they’d agree, leave, and she’d have the time she needed to make them. Unfortunately that’s not happening.

I’m sure that if things ever settle down enough she’ll work on making medallions for everyone, even if Madam U would not be happy about it.

There might be hurt feelings, but Bloodcarver is in a situation where he will literally be murdered by his own family if he doesn’t hide his identity ASAP. I think most rational people will understand that he gets priority for now. As for the irrational ones – well, they were probably going to be angry regardless what Michelle chose to do.

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