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Is that a Bugbear in panel 4?

The glowy eyes sure make it seem so!

I do wonder why bugbears asked for medallions at all… From what I understand, they’re a pretty unsocial, if not outright misanthropic, bunch. Maybe they thought it’d be interesting for pranking folks?

Uh, do the math Worset. Humans out number you at least 10,000 to 1. If you can’t beat em, join em.

No PJ.
You misunderstand Wosret’s question.
He was not asking about Mythicals wanting to HIDE as human.
He was asking why do Mythicals want to BE human?
It’s what point he’s emphasising in what he asks.

Because where could you hide that’s safer? Underground? Floating cities? Deep underwater? C’mon, right under the humans’ noses is the safest bet. Where would they look for mythical monsters? Not among their own society; at least, it’s not the first thing they’ll think of. You’ve got quite a few years of safety there, millennia really.

Unless you have a better idea, maybe terraforming the moon and colonizing it in secret. You’d have until 1969 before anyone would have the chance of finding out

That considers the fact if the mythical community found a way to travel into space and to the moon

Multidimensional translocation – There has already been demonstrated use it for moving about the continent from point A to point B via the nether realms.
The only limiting factor is getting someone or something to point B so that the passage can be constructed between the two known points. We have seen something similar in the story on a much smaller scale at the safe haven.

Wosret is currently working on not losing his temper and/or will to carry on. He is toying with a graver and probably wondering idly whether it would penetrate a certain thick skull better than words or reason have.

in-his-imagination!Wosret: I have already told you and your fellows this, countless times! Here, LET ME ENGRAVE IT ON YOUR HEAD, SO YOU MAY ALL REFER TO IT WHEN YOU BECOME FORGETFUL!!!

in-Wosret’s-imagination!Kester: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-

Jocasta: Darling?

Wosret: Sorry… drifted off there. What were you saying?


And herein lies the problem I find in all “hidden magical society” type stories: they’ve got magic, they’re physically stronger than humans, and more often than not they actually outnumber us. Why are THEY the ones in hiding?

Kory has said that in the modern day in Skin Deep there are maybe a couple million mythicals in hiding, so we outnumber them a few thousand to one. The ratio might not have been quite as bad back then, but it was likely still daunting.

In worlds where nonhumans do outnumber humans, though, yeah, that seems kind of silly.

“Why do we all want to pretend to BE them?” he asks, using his HUMAN THUMBS from his half-HUMAN midform with his medallion that lets him appear HUMAN, after he decided to spend his morning walking around like a HUMAN when his work-buddy was lounging in full sphinx form until they had unexpected company.

So yeah, buddy. Why?

You miss the point, Chaos.
Medallion accessed Human form is what Wosret is regarding in this page as pretending to BE human
Medallion accessed Midforms, for a number of Mythical species, where it’s clear they are not human, isn’t pretending to be human.
Fauns, Satyrs, glaistigs, and centaurs, are all examples of Mythicals species who already have some of the advantages of a midform, as their fullform.

Hi, Jeni.

I’ve noticed that for the past few pages, you have taken to answering and pointing out the “problems” with other readers’ questions, like telling Chaos that he missed the point or that PJSam got things wrong.

However… I think that you failed to realize that in most of those cases, they were rhetorical questions or jokes — intended to be silly or wrong. Chaos’ statement, in particular, is an EXCELLENT example of a rhetorical question made into a joke.

The reason I’m telling you this is because I’m afraid that you’ve begun to come off as a jerk lately. Soooo maybe reel it in a little bit?

I’ve enjoyed reading your comments in the past, but the kinda-excessive focus on “correcting” others is starting to get old, fast.

Good question, Wos. Slip a few trick medallions to the racist humans. When they wake up looking like satyrs and deer, have bugbears tell them “I warned you about your attitude!” But I fear most humans wouldn’t think even after being hit by real or metaphorical bricks.

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