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Illumination 3 page 9

Illumination 3 page 9 published on 63 Comments on Illumination 3 page 9

And we’re back in the present (or 2005 I guess, lol). Here’s a part of the Liverpool Avalon I haven’t shown more than a few glimpses of! The Elder Hall!

Today’s page has a small cameo from long-time reader and patreon-supporter Frazer of his peryton character! Thank you Frazer for your continued support!

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Well I guess this answers a lot of questions about why there isn’t a shortage of medallions. The sphinxes made a ton of the things back when they were making.

I still think Greg ought to use this trip to stock up on extra satyr medallions and mail them to some of his favorite relatives. He probably won’t though, because Greg is a nicer person than I am. Also I bet that’d be expensive.

Poor Wosret, he looks so weary

Is that Miss Snodgrass I spy? And is she eyeing up a very certain bugbear? Again?

Oh boy, the elder hall. Only good, jovial things can come of this. Maybe we’ll somehow get to see Anthony meeting the elders too? Maybe? (I just really want Michelle and Tony to meet, so they can grump together)

It is indeed our favourite glaistig, and Alec seems to be paying her no mind, so I have to assume that she doesn’t have the Bugbear Talisman with her, else it would be a flare lit give-away. A blanked out space in Alec’s radar right where Lily is visibly sitting.

I get the impression the talisman’s “blank” field is too small to affect anyone but the person wearing it, so she’d be fine.

The next question is whether or not they’re going to passionately hook up soon, since their “rivalry” is clearly just cover for mutual attraction.

Pretty well how the field of the Talisman seems to extend. A blank space for the wearer, and what is in the immediate vicinity of the wearer. The poster Lily defaced not being picked up on by Alec, is why I describe the field as being larger than just the wearer.
But remember how Gabe’s physical presence in the back of her pick-up truck, but blank not there on Myra’s radar, bugged her on the way to Dogpatch?
Same thing for Lily, if she had the Talisman with her. It’d would make Alec notice her for the same reason. She’d physically be there, but not there on Alec’s radar. In the bottom frame, Alec is not paying Lily any heed, so there’s nothing happening to get Alec’s attention.

…Well, it’s not like you need to exterminate humans OR hide away forever. There’s no reason it’d have to be one way or the other.

I see Alec and Lily there! Still playing chicken, no doubt.

Do my eyes deceive me, or is that a Wonderland rabbit with a wee waistcoat?

What Jocasta was meaning was obeying the orders of the Sphinx Leaders, not making Nemean Medallions, and as a result, the Nemeans being made extinct due to their not being able to hide and being hunted by humans.

Welp, since everyone else is playing ‘I spy’ in the last panel, I can see a far away Zech back there in the distance!

I think the figure leaning against the doors might be the Nemean doctor who has shown up in a few Reader Questions.

Considering that the LA medical clinic is on the other side of the garden and hedge maze you can just see some of in the left side of the frame, that the doctor is part of the LA Elders, and that the character we can see, looks to be wearing scrub greens, it does seem very likely.

Also, his tail appears to have been shortened. I think he’s taking a smoke break.

A question just occurred to me: Does Nemean invulnerability extend to the harmful effects of tobacco?

I don’t think so.
From all we’ve been told in the stories, and in the RQs, the almost complete invulnerability is only for the skin of a Nemean Lion, and nothing else. Only the claws of a Nemean Lion can pierce the skin of a Nemean Lion.

On the invulnerability point – I have played a few [a whole lot] RPGs and not being able to pierce ones hide does not render one immune to harm. They can be crushed by dead-falls, drowned, charred, frozen, poisoned and run over by a steam roller [cyberpunk] eat a grenade [twilight2000] or well placed shots by a marksman [livingdeath] [fellowship] [witchhunter] through various soft spots, thus ending all bodily functions yet never piercing the skin.

Limited invulnerability is limited.

Jeni has a point.

On the other hand… even if Nemean invulnerability does not extend to the effects of tobacco, the Avalon has Tim and probably a few others with magical talent. It’s possible some of them could use magic to cure any tobacco-related illnesses.

Ok, correction: They possibly only have Tim and Sam, and I’m pretty sure Sam’s studies aren’t far enough along to be used for healing. (I posted my previous reply before reading the Word of God page on the wiki about how hard it is to use non-innate magic.)

City of tiny folks, do-o-on’t you want to zoom?
See their tiny selves up close, i-i-if there was the room?
Tiiiiny details of their forms,
Tiiiiny outfits keep them warm,
Tiiiiny buildings, tiny streets,
Walking on their tiny pawpads, hooves and feet.
City of tiny folks, do-o-on’t you want to zoom?
Well, it’s over there, by the Stanley Dock somewhere…♪

Apologies to Frank Zappa.

Lily Snodgrass looks like she’s halfway between up and down, and seems to be reacting to the presence of Alec Hyde. “I’ve got me eye on you, me girl.” “Eeep!”


Can somebody tell that I am not crazy because I am seeing a white elk with wings. Is that even possible?

I have a hypothesis: I think at this point in the memories they are stamping the medallions one at a time, which is a slow process. Later on they get the phoenix egg, which allows them to cast the medallions, opening the doors to mass production. This would explain the current shortage of medallions and the seemingly enormous supply available in the future.

I think the casting produces the actual blanks, possibly charged with magic potential but without the species-specific spell. I’m guessing that Jocasta gives her customers the choice of buying their medallions unadorned or with suggestive images or in representative shapes (probably with a price differential).

If they were casting complete Medallions then it would mean Wosret would need to engrave the moulds for an entire casting tray. This would take far longer than engraving dies to strike individual Medallions.
While the casting tray method could make it possible to make larger quantities of individual Medallion types, it also would be more restrictive, since there’s no fast way to change the Medallions being cast in a batch of 30, and wasteful, since there is no way to make a number of Medallions smaller than the number of moulds in the tray.

Maybe I wasn’t clear enough. By “blanks”, I meant plain, “generic” disks that can be die-stamped with Wosret’s designs. It’s either that or cut them from a sheet. (One of my S.C.A. acquaintances is a moneyer.) They don’t seem to be equipped to roll sheets of metal.

Sorry for getting you confused, Lynx-Eye.
My reply was directly in response to Doitean’s post, and not your reply to his post.
We saw a casting tray being filled with the still molten substance Medallions are made from, in the flashback Vision in Chapter 2. The casting tray was a 5×6 grid of blanks.

I finally have to pipe up about this small detail I noticed a couple of pages ago and have loved it ever since — Wosret is left-handed, whereas Jocasta is right-handed.

The reason I love this, and I’m betting Kory probably knows as well since she owns cats, is that the majority of female cats are right-handed (or rather, right-pawed), whereas the majority of male cats are left-handed/left-pawed.

I just love that small detail, is all. :)

Hey Kory I found this new legend creature when I was looking up Greek mythology I don’t remember what it is called but it is a lion centaur. I bet you already imagine what it looks like but just in case it has the upper body of a man where the neck meets the head and a lion body for the other part. Now here’s the myth , Jason and the Argonauts planted dragon teeth in the ground and warriors grew out of the ground.

What’s the link for the info you found?

It was a long time ago when I found it, and I remembered it right then.

I spent a while looking around, since I think I know what you’re referring to, but as far as I’ve found the only lion-biased centaur out there is either a heraldic creature that appears on a handful of English crests, Or a Wemic, which is a creature from the Role-playing games Pathfinder and Dungeons & Dragons. It also exists as a Centaur variant that’s mildly popular among furries, called Chakats. Nothing Greek at all, nor from the Middle-East/Egypt like I thought. (Mature)

Thus far, the only thing outside of classic mythology Kory’s included is the Wonderlanders, biased on creatures from Alice in Wonderland rather than classic myth. Personally I’d love to see things from D&D show up in places, as long as it doesn’t derail Kory’s setting and plot. Goodness knows there’s enough creatures, 3 bestiary books full of them with over 100 things in each.

There was also a “liontaur” in the Quest for Glory video games, but for all intents and purposes, it was a Wemic.

Yeah, there’s a lot of stuff in the D&D bestiaries, and some of them I wouldn’t mind seeing, such as the Wemic or Maftet. But I have to agree with Silyon: only as long as it doesn’t derail Kory’s setting and plot. Some of the creatures from the bestiaries, though, you just sort of have to stare at and wonder, “what were they THINKING?”

For example, the Cushion Fungus. Basically, a soft (and homicidal) poisonous body pillow with murder on its mind. Or the Blindheim, which is what happens when you let Kermit the Frog and Cyclops of the X-Men have children. It’s a frog that shoots lasers out of its eyes. Pathfinder is sometimes guilty of this too. Would anyone like a pet Akhlut? Nobody? Aww, what’s wrong with a killer whale crossed with a wolf? Here, fluffy, have a Scooby snack. *CHOMP* Aieee! It ate my arm!

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