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Illumination Page 10: Cryptic

Illumination Page 10: Cryptic published on 38 Comments on Illumination Page 10: Cryptic

There won’t be a comic update next week because of Emerald City Comicon! I’m sorry! But if you’re going to ECCC stop by booth 310 and say hello!!! I’ll have copies of Greetings, From Dogpatch for sale!!!



Greg seemed quite preoccupied with his thoughts in the first and second frames, and he asks the correct question.
Mary’s annoyance with Colin’s actions is just classic.
Panel 3 with Colin is just more cuteness. Looks like Colin wants to hurry up getting his Medallion.
The fifth panel where Michelle replies to James is great. Michelle knows she saw… something… in that Vision, but she doesn’t know what, or if it means anything. All she knows is she has to sort it out. And Kory didn’t miss the details, Michelle’s eyes are still puffy from the crying.
Merial seems still just too happy/eager to be somewhere like the Finn’s with the prospect of visiting the LA, and that rubs Michelle up quite the wrong way.

And YAAAAY me! Managed to get the first comment on a page!

Having Sphinx powers must be the most infuriating thing. Everything is riddles.


I just realized that’s why her magical life is full of “weird puzzle ****”. Much like how Blanche spends his time pushing people towards their destination. Well done. Sphinxes and riddles, ha.

Makes you wonder if this happened to every other sphinx that ever lived.

Solve this riddle to advance to the next level, or something. :P

So the Finns WERE introduced to Michelle earlier on.

With Michelle, Greg, and Merial staying at their home, before this story starts, that’s a given that they would be told something.
Though I really would like to know just what they have been told about Michelle.

I’m wondering what Colin might have been bribed with to not spill the beans on Michelle, since she’s in sphinx form around him.

Or maybe he’s a lot better at keeping Really Big Secrets from outsiders than I expected of a kid his age.

How could you possibly bribe a ten-year-old gryphon?

She seems to be more comfortable with her “mythic form”, sorry that’s the best I could come up with, I chose to say that because I’m not sure “true form” is right for her at the moment. Feel free to use the terms I did, I don’t mind.

The correct term is ‘full form’.
We still don’t know if she has figured out how to create a mid form.

I’m pretty sure we’ve seen her do a mid form, though I’m not sure exactly when. Mostly what I remember was humanoid form with a lion tail. I’ll check the archive later.

What you’re recalling is the last frame of the last page of Orientations.

Yeah, but it’s just her tail. She was just testing her control from what I gathered from the image. Regardless, full form and mid form are for those that are part of the world of mythic creatures, the term I used would be by someone who isn’t in the know or part of that world.

I think it would be funny if in one story arc we met a human crazy conspiracy nut, the kicker being he (or she) being they have all the right evidence while coming to a perfectly logical yet wrong conclusion about what the evidence means. you know what I might start writing a fan fiction for this comic with a character like that, just because I think it would be funny.

That frame from Orientations is canon.
What Kory did in two RQs has yet to be seen in the actual strip, so they’re still Canon-In-Training.

Homecoming, and Ridiculous Creatures both showed Michelle only in full form.
That makes me think that the last three frames of Orientations was more an involuntary partial transform, rather than Michelle consciously trying to do a mid form.
As far as we know, in canon Michelle does not yet know how to do a mid form.



Hey, got to meet and say hello to our esteemed artist at ECCC on Saturday. Picked up a set of Borogrove card, watched my 11 year old daughter engage in a quick discussion of Pokemon with Kory, and can even say I was with her when the lights went out at ECCC (After flickering for a few minutes, the place went dark for a few seconds. Made me a bit nervous since I had to reach out and grab my 9 year old before he vanished into the sea of storm troopers, Batmen and Starfleet officers.)

It was nice to put a face to the art, Kory. Nice meeting you!

Are the chairs that the elder Finn’s are seated in something crafted in the LA? Some sort of carpenter/upholsterer/wood sprite with commercial frontage near Greensleeves?

Or do magical types just shop at Ethan Allen and do after-market modifications?

With a saw.

Is their parlor a circular plan with circular hallway surrounding it?

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