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Illumination Page 9: Whaaaaaat

Illumination Page 9: Whaaaaaat published on 81 Comments on Illumination Page 9: Whaaaaaat

Only a day late! Sorry about the delay, things are really busy here until Emerald City at the end of the month! So updates might be delayed until then. There’s a good chance there won’t be an update for either next week or the week after, but I’ll try my best to keep updates steady! Thank you for all your patience!


Omigosh… These babies will be the death of me.

I want one. XD But yeah, the only thing he really needs here is thumbs I think. Otherwise there really isn’t much point in bothering – all you get is the strict social dress codes and uniformity.

Yes Colin. Thumbs are a wonderful thing, indeed.

Also: maybe you folks should wax the floor a little less often if even quadrupeds can slip on it. :P

having seen cats and dogs wipe out on non-waxed floors, i doubt that’s the issue. more likely just so excited he tripped over his own feet trying to turn..

Having watched generations of cats, some more clumsy than others, I can attest they can skid out like this on CARPET. Low energy version of E=MC^2 His mass, times his velocity, equals unmanageable (by him, anyway) momentum. There comes a point when the weight of that butt in the air exceeds the cohesion of traction from claws.

I think you want the less-ambitious Newtonian formula for kinetic energy, e=mv^2, with the related I=mv for momentum/inertia.

And yes, he’s like an underweight muscle car, with a normal force (pushing down against the ground or the floor) that’s inadequate to provide enough traction and control. It occurs to me that a hyperactive gryphon cub might figure out how to use his wings as spoilers to reduce that problem, at least with well-timed upbeats at crucial moments.

Of course, any such skill goes right out the window in the excitement of rushing to meet Jimothy.

Colin just tried to get a running start, too fast, and skidded straight into the opposite wall of the hall.
The problem is, has he just learned a new way to have fun? Deliberately sliding on the waxed floor.

I believe we just saw Colin’s mind completely blown. Also, his expression is perfect.

everyone always assumes the grass is greener on the other side. :)

though to be fair, he’s right about thumbs. you never realize how great they are until you can’t use them for awhile..

Absolutely right about the hassles of not being able to use your thumbs causes, mithril.
And with the Mythical world Colin is in being set up for people who have thumbs, it is difficult to imagine how frustrating things have been for Colin.

I’m reminded of a novel that I saw at the bookstore once. I can’t remember the name of it, and I really wish I had bought it on the spot. You know that when a human is bitten by a werewolf, he becomes a wolf on nights with a full moon, right? Well, this story was about a wolf who was bitten by a werewolf.

You’ve probably already guessed this, but he becomes human on nights with a full moon. Paraphrased: “I used to wonder what made humans superior to wolves. We’re stronger, we’re faster, our sense of smell is thousands of times better than yours, we’ve got low-light vision… and then I discovered the miracle of OPPOSABLE THUMBS.”

I want a Colin. I would love him and squeeze him and pet him but treat him like a person not a pet…

Can a stuffed colin be the next thing in the shop? Please?

A life size, full form soft toy of 10 year old Colin would be mega cuteness to buy

Colin’s an excitable little scamp! He’s also really clingy to some people, they need to find him something to invest his interest in.

When he gets thumbs he can play video games.

good point, now the question is which system and games to get him. Would it be a good idea to get him an Xbox and a copy of Viva Pinata? A Nintendo system with Legend of Zelda or Mario games? Or maybe a Playstion with Monster Rancher? Yes I’m aware of the ridiculousness of the last one, not to mention the horror his parent might get from seeing him duel with certain monsters.

Nintendo with Legend of Zelda, definitely. Can’t go wrong with the adventure classics.

I would be very interested in seeing the hidden magical beastfolk community’s reaction to video games like Monster Hunter, and perhaps see parallels to the mundane world’s reaction to “murder simulators”.

Why? Why hardwood floors? No Grip for the paws. Oh the humanity…

For Kory: I reread Orientations last weekend and man, you have developed some serious drawing chops since then. Impressive.

If I may, some constructive criticism. To my eyes, Colins movement from panel 5 to 6 seems disjointed. It feels like he’s hovering in the hallway in panel 5, then instantly starts skidding while his mom pops up and talks. I would expect him to be much further down the hall when his mom pokes her head in the panel. Does this make sense?

I think it’s a pacing problem. To many things happening from one panel to the next in instant time, according to colins movement.

Hahahahaha! Reminds me of when my husband and I first got married and my middle-school-aged cousin came to visit. She seemed to think pre-parenthood adulthood was supposed to be more interesting and asked, “Wait! Where are the wild parties????”

Mary’s psychokinetic shout propels Colin into the wall! And I think that curved corridors are a fairly unusual architectural feature. Maybe…

– “These curved lines will make the overall design and construction of this building a lot harder, I have to say.”

– “Ah, but they’ll teach the cubs to comport themselves better, or at least prevent them from getting a good run-up! … I jest, of course, ha ha!”


Colin’s flying into the wall reminds me of my current cat. She has no idea how to brake once she gets going and can’t turn for her precious fuzzy life.
(And his wall-eyed WHAAAAAAAT is amazing as well, it’s the best face I’ve seen so far all week.)

When I saw the feather on the wall I was like “wow someone has really really large wings”… Then I remembered stories of griffins being large enough to take armored horses.

Dogpatch is in the news!

Just changing the subject for a little bit, but it just occurred to me with the curve of the Finn’s hallway I couldn’t help wondering if “mythical households” outside of the Avalon serve as “mini Avalons” especially since the Finns have been around for a LONG time guarding a great treasure…. I’m not saying it’s something ridiculous like say… the Weasley’s Burrow but at the same time I don’t think it would be a standard house in the suburbs either… Have you selected something nice abandoned and medieval in Merseyside to play the outside of their abode?


You’d think the Finns would know better than to have installed hardwood, given that they have generations of kids who have claws up to age ten and probably don’t keep them consistently sheathed during excited freakouts. (At least he’s got four paws, and not two paws and two bird feet.)

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