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Wait…was Phinneas the Red instrumental in the creation of medallions? Woah!

I think I can already see what she’s doing wrong with retrying that – The first time, she put her paw on the SPHINX. Now she’s putting it on the DRAGON. I could be totally wrong, though! Either way, this is a pretty awesome page!

The first time, she put her paw on what we think is a raven, accompanying Phineas in the bas relief carvings throughout the tomb.
And Phineas is a Gryphon, same as Jim.
So far we have not seen any Sphinx in the bas relief carvings on the plinth.

Oh, so dragon eggs were used in the creation of medallions? No wonder there was a great war! Then again, maybe the dragons did something horrible themselves… War but rarely is waged between absolutes – Pure evil and Pure good. There are often majorities, or at least very loud minorities with a lot of control/power within the group, but there are often individuals on both sides that would prefer peace and friendship. Time will tell if Phineas the Red was entirely as heroic as he is remembered to be… I eagerly await the continuation!

Well, let’s see: “Happy gryphon is floofy” “Floofy gryphon is happy” “Happy raven is bushy” “Bushy raven is happy” “Bushy raven is happy that floofy gryphon is happy” “Medallions OR cloak clasps help make bushyfloofs happy” “Spiral-egg-comet thing haz them mostly” “Trippy, man!” “MAXIMUM TRANSMISSION UNIT EXCEEDED – TERMINATING CONNECTION”. Perhaps understanding will come with time… or perhaps she should just try logging in again in five minutes time… >:=)>

Don’t you literally say the word GASP at me Michelle!

on another note Phineas was one happy dude. like seriously they were fighting a WAR. how were he and his raven buddies not all depressed or stoic or something?

404: Magic vision not found.
this magic vision may be down or your magic mojo not connected correctly. Please check all your magic stuff and try again later.

I wonder if the birds we’ve been seeing in this story are liver birds. We’ve been calling them ravens in the comments, but liver birds would make sense given the setting.

After some Google’ing I found it is really a liver bird, and it gave me hints about the building (and the place it is) in the vision, but I’m afraid to discuss it at the moment (fear it can spoil something to come)
Very good job, Kory ^_^

What makes you so sure it is a liver bird?
All the regular readers know the LA is built inside the Stanley Tobacco Warehouse, so that’s not really news.
As for the view of the top of the eastern side of the warehouse in the vision, you’d see it at that angle from about mid way towards the back of the vacant lot across the road (Great Howard Street) from the warehouse.

At first glance I thought the bird was a raven, but I can’t access Kory’s liver birds sketch..
on Wikipedia: “The Liver bird is the symbol of the city of Liverpool, England”
As for the building, you’re right, I thought it was the Royal Liver Building, sans clock (compared the photos)

Phineas in the first panel looks as goofy as Jim normally is. I bet he’s a real character XD

Also that building in the background seems… anti-climatically significant. Tobacco and something else. Cant tell what it says.

Medallions don’t grow on trees you know! They grow on… Seed/egg things?

Have you considered that the swirl on the “Seed/egg thing” might represent some kind of eye, and that it’s some kind of tentacled creature trying (and failing) to avoid capture by Phineas and the Raven? The medallions attached to its tentacles might merely symbolize its knowledge of magic and transformations. Anyway it’s obvious that on the right Phineas uses a medallion to assume human form, and the raven likewise shifts into something more “normal.”

I just realized (on the page before actually) that the first time she touches the spot where the egg and the bird are depicted alongside Phineas (though this doesn’t quite match the position of the paw-outline in the second panel), while she clearly tires to get another reaction by touching the dragon.
No idea if there is actual significance to that, but it would make sense that the relevant objects and people (for uncovering the current mystery) trigger a response while the dragon, who probably stands for dragons as a whole, does not.

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