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Illumination Page 4

Illumination Page 4 published on 49 Comments on Illumination Page 4

Page 4! Something is happening! WOW. What’s going on?? WHO KNOWS (I know).

There won’t be an update next week, I’m sorry! I’m going to Missouri for a family thing and I won’t have my tablet or anything to work on, so no comics will be made! I’m super sorry about that!


Now, I’m no scientologist, but glowy red stuff usually isn’t good.

I’m willing to bet Jim lit those candles before bringing Michelle in there, and they were actually super long when he lit them. XD

I think it more likely that whichever Finn has the title and duty of Cavern Guardian lit the candles.

The bas-relief pictures Phineas (and the raven I saw in another bas) fighting a dragon – that can mean he was alive when the Great War happened nd even took part on it (that explain a lot of things)

Yes to both.
Phineas was indeed alive during and after the Great War.
He was active in helping the Sphinxes against the Dragons.

Orientations, chapter 5 page 23,
and the info on page 117 of the printed version of Exchanges, about the Statue of Phineas the Red which is near the Gryphon Elder Hall in the LA

I’m thinking that the raven depicted on the bas-relief may be Ravi?

Ahh, couldn’t forget Ravi – that’s a good one, Lykkefanten
Jim also mentioned about the stories the elder gryphons tell their..
kids (?) about sphynxes escaping the War alive (well, we know well that some dragons also did it)
Now it’s just a little wait for next pages, some interesting new info and perhaps a plot twist ^_^

Phineas: Whooo disturbs my rest…? Oh… a sphinx! Then I know thy purpose and thy desire, a secret that I promised would only be revealed when the sphinxes re-emerged. All those centuries ago, through great endeavour and study, I discovered…


Jim: mum! Mum!! MUM!!! She did it! She wakened the spirit of Phineas the Red, and he told us everything! Just like that! And I wrote it down! He was waiting for the sphinxes to come back! So here it is… the secret… of how… he got… his mane to be so big and floofy! The formula’s right there, mum!!! *sits expectantly*

Mary: …Τριχοφαντ!

Jim: *FLOOOF* YAAAAAAAYYY! *shakes mane*

Mary: And was that all he said?

Jim: Nooo.. I think she asked him about a load of other stuff… they were talking about dragons and whatnot when I left, but… who cares!!! Wheeeeee! *flops onto back, starts rolling around in his own mane* I’m so floofy!!!


And that last part would crush and tangle the floof, completely flat.

Though your scene does give me some ideas for more RQ sketch requests over on Patreon.

If it did, (and that is a big “if”)…

Jim: … *whine* *puppydog eyes*

Mary: *sigh* …Τριχοφαντ!

Jim: *FLOOOF* YAAAAAAAYYY! *shakes mane* I love you, mum!

Mary: *happy sigh* Now, look after it this time! And hadn’t you better go and check in on your friend?

Jim: Yes! I haven’t shown her yet!! *skips off, floofing his mane as he goes*


Did she just lose her shirt?

Nah, suspect it is just that as she reaches out and over the candles to touch the stonework her wrist extends from her sleeve as the shirt sleeve is restricted by her shoulder…

No, I think Kelekona’s right. She’s wearing long sleeves so they shouldn’t get pushed that far up her shoulder just be reaching out. Huh… wouldn’t have noticed that if you didn’t point it out! Good eye.

Plus, if you look at the glowing Michelle in the last panel there’s no neckline/shirt collar.

Actually, I don’t think she lost it. I think she just got taken to some weird magical vision world. I’ll bet when it’s over, Jim either won’t know anything has happened, or just think she’s been standing still for a long time.

Especially since it looks like she also lost her hair tie, her feather charm, and her earrings.

I picked up on that lot, in the initial partial inks on Patreon.

More importantly, look at the ears and her neck. There’s not only no Luck Charms, there’s no sign of them ever having been there at all, and pierced earrings leave pressure marks when they are removed. As well, where is her Medallion, it’s vanished.

Look at Orientations, chapter 5, page 23.
In it, Michelle has her earrings and Medallion, in the dream state.
But in the last frame of this page, the sphinx has no Medallion and no sign of ever having had her ears pierced. So I don’t think that it’s Michelle in the last frame.

Who lit the candles? Probably the same people who light the torches that always seem to be burning inside when you open the ancient sealed tombs in the movies.

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