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can this be? FIRST COMMENT

I noticed this last page, but did something happen to James’ wings? I must have missed that explanation.


Michelle’s expressions are always a delight, though.

Phineas is actively present in the Cave?

Ravi was insulting Phineas specifically AND the Finn family in general
That is what made James yell at Ravi.

Ravi’s short term memory seems selective.
During the discussion at his shop in chapter 1, he realises what must have happened regarding the powers. A couple of hours later, in the Cave, and he’s forgotten that.

Also, he’s forgotten entirely, Phineas II. It would have been her children that would have been the first generation conceived and hatched after Ravi returned to India. The first generation since the plan was started, without the powers. So he is looking at the wrong person to blame.

I say blame, very deliberately.
Back in the middle ages, Ravi just assumed that the powers would actively stay in the family line all the time. They didn’t. His fault, he realised the cause, but he doesn’t want to face it.
He immediately assumes that the Finn he gave the powers to, Phineas, was the one who did not pass the Information on to the next generation. He blames the wrong person.

Phineas II would have had to have been conceived and hatched before Ravi returned to India. So why didn’t he know she would be the next one to have an aspect of those powers? Recall that it showed up in Colin’s fur as a cub, so Colin was always expecting to be the next one with the Finn Family Curse, as Colin idolized Jim. So it would have likely shown up in Phineas II’s fur as a cub, as well. So why didn’t Ravi know that?
It would have been Phineas II who had to work out how to guard the Phoenix Egg without recourse to the powers. Without anyone with aspects of the powers, what is the sense in passing on those lessons?

The family is bound by an oath to remember this stuff – they do not get to decide it isn’t important anymore and still keep the trappings of that role. Even if all the signs of the gift went away for 1000 years, they would still have an obligation to pass that knowledge on. If not to benefit themselves, if not for the gift/curse, then merely to prevent the loss of knowledge, so that the knowledge would be there if it was ever needed again (perhaps not by them! perhaps in a weird and different situation! perhaps in someway the Finns could not have foreseen when the gift stopped showing up!).

They refuse to take responsibility for their family’s failing. If a single one of those privileged floofballs actually apologised, showed anything but indignation at being expected to have kept their family oath, then I’d get everyone saying we should go easy on them – but they haven’t taken or shown any responsibility…They can’t even *admit* that their family line screwed up, failed a sacred obligation – a failing which has had some form of impact on the world. Noooo, it’s all Ravi’s fault. I expect better from children.

People who can justify their actions like this can justify anything. I’ve seen unspeakable acts of cruelty justified using the same weakness you guys are using to defend these jerkbeaks. It doesn’t matter. There is right. And There is wrong. And the Finns are wrong. The sooner they admit that and work to make it right, the sooner they can look for forgiveness.

Where in the series does it say that they were bound by an oath to remember the information on how to access the powers from Ravi’s curse?

The job the Finn lineage was given was to guard the Phoenix Egg.
They had to keep the information on the existence of the Phoenix Egg an absolute secret.
That’s it.
The powers from the curse, Phineas was given by Ravi, was to help do that job.

Remember, Ravi blew a fuse when he heard that Jim wasn’t to be the Cave Guardian. Ravi hadn’t BOTHERED to get updated info, when he returned to the UK. He simply saw that Jim had the curse and blithely assumed that things were proceeding exactly as he had planned.

And now, who does Ravi blame? The wrong person.
Ravi blindly assumes that it was Phineas who Did Not Do Exactly As He Was Told.
Without, for a moment, Ravi remembering his own part in causing the loss of access to the powers from the curse, or considering what that would have meant the Finns would have had to do in rethinking how to do the job, or remembering the LACK of literacy in the Middle Ages and what that would do to accurately passing on information down the generations, or that knowledge of the Phoenix Egg was something that had to Be Kept Secret At All Costs and what that Really Means, or that there was No Record of Ravi’s existence in the Finn family histories.

As for the Finns needing to look for forgiveness, I do not think so.
Do you know what Chinese Whispers are?
It’s game built upon how information gets corrupted as it’s passed on verbally in whispers.
That is how closed beaked the Finns have to be about the Phoenix Egg and guarding it. Even family members who are not Cave Guardians don’t get more than the most basic and sketchy info. And why? So they cannot risk passing on what they do not know.

And here, yet again, we can note more failings of Ravi.
He KNOWS Jim does not know the info about being a Cave Guardian, or accessing the powers of his version of the curse. What does Ravi NOT do? Teach Jim.
At Fingol, instead of getting family up to speed, and telling Paul the Real Situation, what does Ravi do? Takes Michelle down to the Caves.

You literally can’t take responsibility for somebody else’s failing.
They can’t be expected to keep an oath they didn’t make. And somehow, you’re expecting people who didn’t take an oath to take responsibility for other people who also didn’t take an oath failing to keep it. That just doesn’t work on any level.

Also, information doesn’t last for 800 years.

And how are you against cruelty, anyway?

The family is bound by an oath to remember this stuff

No they’re not. Do an archive dive and find WHERE it says that they are oath-bound to remember this. Go ahead. I’ll wait. Oh, that’s right… it DOESN’T say that.

Protecting the egg is their only “sacred responsibility”. By Ravi’s own admission, the egg is still intact. Which means that they HAVEN’T failed.

There is right. And There is wrong.

And as Jeni has pointed out, RAVI is the one who is wrong, not the Finns. He’s blaming the wrong person for the loss of the information. When he finds that the Finns have forgotten so much, he doesn’t bother to enlighten them. He gets upset when he finds out that Jim does not know how to use his gift, then proceeds to NOT teach Jim how to use them.

Ravi is a narcissistic buffoon filled with his own self-importance, who has repeatedly ASSUMED that everything was proceeding exactly as HE planned, and gets upset that it hasn’t. Rather than seeing his plan through, he went back to India without ever once double-checking, in more than 400 years, that his plans had not gone off-course. He’s obviously not omnipresent or omniscient, or the gift would never have disappeared.

Oh, and just to reinforce the “narcissistic” part… It would be awfully inconvenient for Ravi if the Finns don’t revere him as some sort of “divine benefactor”. So he conveniently brushes it off when he is told that the name “Ravi” doesn’t appear in the Finn history. Now, I will be fair and say that it could be because he simply doesn’t think it’s that important, as long as everyone is still following The Plan(TM). But there are other possible reasons.

Also, Scruffy, has it ever occurred to you that it’s possible that the reason he’s so upset the knowledge was lost, is because he doesn’t remember everything? Or maybe never knew that much in the first place. Maybe this is some other Yaksha’s plan that he overheard, and he’s pretending to be this all-important benefactor with this all-important plan, hoping that someone will leak the real details to him so he can sabotage the plan and take the egg for himself?

I admit that it seems unlikely at this point, but it still isn’t beyond the realm of impossibility that he is an imposter who didn’t really write The Plan(TM) himself. After all (as Ravi glossed over), the name “Ravi” does not appear in the Finn histories. Maybe they forgot about him… or maybe he was never in their history to begin with.

I very much concur with this post. I’m STILL waiting for that moment I know for certain I can trust Ravi. As it is, he’s thrust himself into the story and the character’s lives with a whole heaping bunch of enthusiasm… and very little real credibility.

The knowledge he does have is unspecific, and considering the Finns themselves can’t validate whether a large majority is correct or not there is a lot of room for Ravi to misremember, or flat out embellish.

I certainly want to trust Ravi, I’m charmed by his character and like the effect he has on the rest of the cast. As it stands however I am finding a lot more reasons to not trust him than to trust him. Of course, this is no badly written comic. It’s entirely possible that Ravi ticking off all the characters and providing little solid evidence is just a giant red herring to lead us to the inevitable “See, I TOLD you I was right!” moment from Ravi.

I’m in the opposite boat. I feel that Kory has proven that she’s a good enough writer that having this Dumbledore-like figure suddendly thrust into the plot doesn’t make sense if he is 100% in the right and just rubs people the wrong way.
He has to have some agenda of his own, because if that’s not the case then he’s a particularly cumbersome piece of exposition that took too much of the spotlight.

I don’t disagree that he did not have an agenda of his own back in the Middle Ages. The Plan ™ he came up with back then, has gone off the rails, and so far, we only get to see his reaction to that. And it’s not pretty, which is rubbing us, the readers, up the wrong way.

So far, the only straight pieces of info we were given are:
That he definitely knew Phineas.
That he set Phineas to guarding the Phoenix Egg, and gave Phineas the first variant of the Finn Family Curse.
That he knew who the Last Two Sphinxes were after the Great War and what their plans were.
That he disagreed with the creation of the Avalons.
That he was somehow, in some way, involved in the creation of the Medallions.

So far, he hasn’t looked at starting to try to pick up the pieces of The Plan ™, and get things back on track.
Teach Jim how to use his version of the Finn Family Curse? No.
Tell Paul and the other Finns the real score? No.
Tell the Finns who the next two Cave Guardians will be and why? No.

All we’ve seen him do, since meeting the Finns at the Cirque in the LA is:
Forcibly activate Colin’s variant of the Finn Family Curse, and show no concern or care over the problems that will cause.
Be the Exposition Man and make high powered claims, with no way to validate them.
Go into a rant against Phineas and the Finns, over the way his The Plan ™ is not going to plan.

We KNOW he will somehow forcibly activate Michelle’s Sphinx abilities, likely through a mega infodump on her.
And recalling the last panel of chapter 1, he will show no concern or care on how this impacts Michelle or James.

Perfect summation. We have in-universe reasons to not trust Ravi, based on what we’ve seen of his behaviour, and “meta” reasons to expect him to play a big role, if not openly antagonistic at least as another side in the conflict.

To be honest Ravi kind of reminds me of a great aunt of mine. She’s a decent person, but she’s also not great at planning ahead or planning for things to go wrong. It’s partly because latched onto the hippy lifestyle and ideal pretty hard in the 70s, as well as the fact that she’s sort of an eternal optimist, and not necessarily in a healthy way.

I kind of think he’s just the kind of person who thinks everything will go EXACTLY as planned so he doesn’t really think there’s any reason to put preventative measures (like checking in on the Finns every now and then to remind them of the oath) in place because he doesn’t think anything bad will happen.

Then again it’s also possible that the length of time he’s left the Finns to their own devices could be equivalent to a month long vacation for Ravi, in which case his reaction of “I leave you guys alone for five minutes!” Reaction is slightly warranted

Ravi, the Finns are a very proud family.
Maybe you should think it best to NOT dishonor their name within their walls.

They have no cause for pride. He is explaining to them their pride is false.

It does not MATTER, Scruffy. He is still a GUEST in the Finn household, and THAT status can be revoked. They can still kick him out and tell him never to return. That would seriously derail The Plan(TM), wouldn’t it?

You don’t badmouth the family when one of them is standing less than ten feet from you. And you definitely don’t badmouth them in their own family tomb.

Also, he isn’t “explaining to them their pride is false”. He’s going off on a rant, because The Plan(TM) isn’t going as flawlessly as he thought.

You want to talk about their pride? How about Ravi’s pride? He has an unhealthy amount of pride. He was so proud of The Plan(TM), that he thought it couldn’t possibly go wrong, to the point that he returned to India for centuries and never checked to make sure it was still going the way he wanted it to. Then he throws a tantrum when The Plan(TM) is not going to plan.

Has Ravi got all the Finns to floof yet?

If not, i think he’s failing on some personal goal.

I think he got 2 or 3: Jim, James, and maybe the mother (I don’t remember). The common gryphon brother also floofed in the past, but not by Ravi.

You tell him, James! Make Ravi understand that, no matter what he is or what he knows, he is a guest by his hosts’ courtesy and had damn well better learn to act like one! Unless he wants a spectral dog after him and a very solid gryphon too…

I suppose if you got old enough, you might get into the habit of treating everyone around you like children.
But don’t expect them to just put up with it.

Mind your manners, Ravi.


It does make me wonder something, Ironbadger, does Ravi even know what it’s like to grow up, live a full life, and grow old?
Remember how Bloodcarver called Gabe out on that near the end of chapter 5 of Orientations.

Ravi is very long-lived, or even immortal. I can’t find any information at all on whether the Yaksha were born or simply created out of thin air. If he’s immortal, one can only imagine how that would affect his perceptions of the mortal races.

Ravi: “I respect roaches more than I respect you, mortal. They were here before you, and they will be here long after you are gone.”

Jeez, Ravi. I understand you’re upset because your gift wasn’t being used to its fullest potential, but you don’t insult someone’s entire family over it! People make mistakes and things get lost over time. Ravi should just be glad that the egg is still safe given the system they’ve been using, which is obviously effective.

When that gift is a sacred responsibility, when not observing it and protecting has negative affects on others – you don’t get to make mistakes. If you can’t take on that sort of duty, you don’t get the shiny privileges that go with it.

The GIFT was not a sacred responsibility. GUARDING THE EGG was a sacred responsibility. And even if it was, you do NOT get to characterize someone’s entire family as “a bunch of ungrateful buffoons getting by on dumb luck” just because ONE member of the family screwed up by forgetting to pass on the information.

Which, as JenniSkunk pointed out, Ravi is blaming on the WRONG PERSON. It would be Phineas II (Phineas the Green) who failed to pass on the information, not Phineas the Red. ALSO, you have to consider… Ravi returned to India, and his influence was cut off. So none of Phineas the Green’s children had the gift; maybe she figured there was nothing to pass on anymore!

Not even necessarily Phineas the Green. If it’s been 800 years, she might have told her children — none of whom necessarily expressed the curse, so there was no way to really teach them how to do anything except say ‘this is why mommy’s hair is green’ — and they might have told their children, but when you have a few generations that aren’t realizing the trait you eventually wind up with nobody left alive to pass on the information. Or the pass on the CORRECT information.

Phineas and his daughter were likely aware that it was a gift, not a curse, but after a couple hundred years and nobody else exhibiting strange hair colors or elemental powers, those who are left alive will corrupt the information and call it a ‘family curse’. The only piece of information that survived is that they did ‘great things’, but HOW they did those great things (with power over the elements) isn’t remembered, just the end result.

Pass on the correct and complete information, I think would the the accurate description, Chaos.

Jim knew of Phineas and his daughter, and where their unofficial titles had likely stemmed from. But he didn’t SAY much else about either to Michelle. Only that he had read thoroughly through the family histories about Phineas II as she had the same hair coloured variant of the Finn Family Curse as Jim has.

Ravi: …Oh, I shouldn’t rant on so… I should be used to it by now. It happens every time. The Finns, the Jocastas, the Kennedys, the Freemasons, the Illuminati, the Rosicrucians, the Cathars, that dunderhead Crowley, Arthur of Tintagel, the Russians: – I take the trouble to help found their nation, and what do they do with it? So much misery and waste! And then there was Casanova, the waster to end them all. *sigh* At least that fellow Lambton was able to follow simple instructions and deal with that dragon…

Michelle: Wait… you were Merlin?

James: And Adam Weishaupt? And Christian Rosenkreuz? Do you-

Ravi: *punctuates with exasperated gestures* Probably. No! Sort of… I suppose Merlin must have been based on me – I was given all manner of names by Arthur and his men, Weishaupt was an ambitious little toad and far wilier than I gave him credit for, Rosenkreuz was a character I invented to hang my philosophical message on-

James: Do you know where the Holy Grail is?!

Ravi: …At my house, of course. I wasn’t going to leave it at Montsegur or Rennes-le-Chateau to be destroyed or looted!

James: *stunned* D-do you have the Ark of the Covenant too?

Ravi: Just my working prototype. I could use it to locate the actual Ark if I wanted to, but I’m sure it’s just as well off where it is. And far less important now than the egg that you’re supposed to be guarding. Shall we? *motions them forward*

Michelle & James: :-o


Uh oh. Somebody just insulted the Enterprise in front of Scotty.

It seems odd that somebody as old and experienced as Ravi would be this mercurial. If being thousands of years old would teach somebody anything, you’d think it would be diplomacy.

I bet something like this was going through Ravi’s head, “why bother learning how to deal with people if there just gonna be dead in a few measly decades?”

On the other hand, mortals have to work so hard because we know we are temporary. If we need to learn something, we need to do so before the
Grim Reaper catches up with us. We go to college when we are young so we can get good jobs so we can support the kids and have them well set up to take care of themselves so we can retire when we are old so we can live comfortably during the latter part of our lives. Whew! So much to do in just seven or eight decades! An immortal, on the other hand, can wait until the next millennium to get caught up.

Ok guys I have a thought about this whole Ravi blame the Finns, Phineas the Red, and Phineas II the Green thing. Maybe it’s not really anyone’s fault. Now here me out on this before calling the firing squad.

During the time period that Phineas received the “Curse” and signed up for Egg Guardianship, medicine wasn’t all that great. Now I’m sure that the magical world had some pretty assume cures for things, but I would like to think that they would have had a difficult time dealing with things like plagues. The Black Death took place in the 1340s, it’s completely possible that the current Egg Guardian died from the plague since it spread so rapidly that even the magic community couldn’t deal with it.

Now here’s my quick math to help show the picture I’m seeing.

Assume Griffins live to be early 200s and start having kids around late 60s. (Based off Finns Current)

Red was probably a griffy teen when he got gife around 1205 so he’s around 40 in my head.

Red receives gift and begins developing the skills of the trade.

Green is born.

R-120, G-60-1285
Next in line for the Role is born let’s call him Blue. Green is still being trained by Red and will be for another 30 years.

R-180, G-120, B-60-1345
Now it’s the period of the Black Death. Red is starting to feel his age and it would be easy for him to get it. Green is still training Blue but takes time to take care of Red since his’ sick. While trying to take care of Red, Green gets sick too because plagues does the most damage to small isolated communities and the whole fam living in a cave together screams small isolated community.

R-Past away, G- Past away, B- 62, B Jr-2- 1347
Blue and his kid Blue Jr. survive Red and Green. Unfortunately Blue wasn’t able to finish his training with Green. He was properly trained on how to protect the egg without his gift and was just beginning his proper training with his gift when the Plague came. Since Blue wasn’t completely trained yet, he believes the gift is actomatly the first born or something so he tells his kids that it should always be the first born kid of that generation to be trained. He trains the next in line even how to defend the egg without the need for magic because that was how he was trained.

Thanks to Blue’s teachings, the Gift slowly disappears from future generations because Blue’s techniques were sufficient enough to protect the egg. The Gift becomes “The Curse” do to Blue and a couple others in his line dying at relatively early ages from various things like Knights, other Mythicals, and illness.

Present day (2005)
Now the Finn family has protected the Egg during times of illness, knights, and others who would try to steal it. The Egg has passed out of common knowledge in the land. The “Curse” has come back due to the resurgence of forces that are too great for non-magical protection. Here comes Ravi know-it-all getting all up in peoples’ face for no reason.

Boom! But now you’ll are think that this means it is definitely Ravi’s fault for not coming back sooner and helping out. But I think not, I think he came back when the “Curse” was still around and the family was doing ok. He watched from a distance and saw that they were doing an ok job projecting the Egg even when the “Curse” stopped appearing. From a distance, he could easily assume that the Finns had retained the knowledge about his gift since the Egg was still safe.

Now why would he watch from a distance instead of stepping in and doing what he is doing now? FREE WILL. He unders that people need to be free to make their own choices. That and also when people make their own choices, new unexpectedly good things can happen. He thought everything was going ok. The Finns thought they were doing ok. But their thought processes has drastically changed from their time apart.

Now way is he being a jerk at the moment?

Now I get the feeling that Ravi is the kind of person who says thing they don’t really mean. I think Ravi is actually mad at himself more than he is made at the Finns. He is a god and has probably seen the rise and fall of civilization many times. He should have known that something small could have drastically changed his plans. Because of tiny things slowly adding up to a huge debt, everyone has to deal with the results.

Now my rant is done. Thank you for reading this all the way. I didn’t mean for it to get this long but things happen. These are all my own opinions on the situation. Have fun with the food for thought I have given. :)

So far, we have no idea why Ravi would have returned to the UK in the 1980s.

Also, another question occours to me.
Just how did Ravi gain entry to the LA, and get to become a resident and shopkeeper in it, all before Jim was conceived?

As for your timeframe, it’s interesting, but there are a few points that need noting.
The current generation of Finns were conceived and hatched in the mid 1980s – mid 1990s. So Mary and James were definitely over 70, so about equivalent to human age 35 to 45 I would think.
On the Characters page, James was born in 1905, and Mary in 1909.

Interesting that you chose that year, 2 years before Liverpool was founded.

R-180, G-120, B-60-1345
The Finns don’t live in a cave. Their home, Fingol, in Merseyside, is away from Liverpool itself, and has an entrance to the Caves.

Missing from your timeline are three key dates in the 1980s
1. Paul’s hatching.
2. Ravi returning to the UK
3. Jim’s hatching.
These dates bracket when the Finn Family Curse resurfaces.

We don’t have any approximate date as to when Ravi learned of Jim as a cub, and saw he had the green fur.
We do know that Jim, in human form has suffered coping with Ravi’s attention, without knowing why, over the previous 10 years.

These are great points. Thanks for adding the timeframes the current Finns were born, those dates along with when Ravi came back to Liverpool bring up a lot of questions about why Ravi didn’t really check in sooner. Possibly Ravi’s attention on Jim for the past 10 years was his way of trying to see how things were going without revealing too much.

Now for my calling the traditional Finn home The Cave at R-180, G-120, B-60-1345. Yes the current Finns don’t live in the Cave but in a House outside of Liverpool with an entrance to the it. What we aren’t given is the time period the house was built. I believe the Finns have either used the Cave as a home until they could build a house or they would have made a tiny village near the Cave for extended family. With them still being outside Liverpool and away from humans, they are still a very isolated community. I just called their home the Cave because that is a location that we know for sure the Finns would have been living at during that time because the Guardian couldn’t be too far away from the Egg at that time.

R-40-1205 I didn’t even notice that the year I picked is two years before the founding of Liverpool, but that does make sense. I calculated that year based on Jim saying it has been around 800 year ago and the fact that the comic is taking place in 2005 currently. Now based on this, it is all possible that after the events that Red was involved to get his gift, Red worked to create Liverpool to help protect the rest of the magical community. Creating the magic spells to protect the future Avalon could have easily taken up the 2 years before the founding.

If my dates are correct, it’s really cool seeing on the timeline that lead to the events of today. ;) Thanks again, JeniSkunk, for bring up the current Finns timelines.

Ravi seems to suffer from a different sense of time then everyone else, which is probably the source of much of the conflict he has with the situation. Considering he is probably as close to an eternal being that we have seen so far, or at the very least the longest lived, his sense of time is much different, what was thousands of years for everyone else may well feel like just a few days ago for him. The problem is he seems to think people collectively share this sense of time, so he feels it unthinkable that the Finns forgot everything after what to him is a short amount of time.

Hey y’all, I am LOVING the Ravi vs Finns discussions! I love that there are people on both sides of the argument! But let’s keep it civil, some of this seems to be veering into hostile territory, and I don’t want people to get angry because a cartoon guy said a thing to a cartoon bird lion! :)

On one hand, Ravi is sort of crossing the line, but on the other it would be kind of hard for a seemingly immortal being to understand how things can get lost in translation over the years, especially when his perception of time has gotten to the point that 800 years is apparently what roughly a decade or so is to normal folks.

Plus I know Ravi is probably a free spirit and all, but it wouldn’t hurt to check in with the Finn family a couple times every generation or so. It would certainly help his credibility if the Finns saw him as the semi-immortal equivalent of that crazy hippy uncle who rarely shows up unless he needs something, instead of an uppity stranger.

Also five bucks says the reason it’s called the Finn curse is that it got someone killed

To be honest, I am wondering if that may well have been Phineas II.
Jim copped flack over his green hair, at school as a human. That was in the mid to late 1990s/early 2000s.
Phineas II would have had to deal with that, in the even harsher social environment of the early 1200s.

I was also wondering if there were some draw backs to the elemental powers or if Ravi (sort of like the Fairy from Ella Enchanted) forgot to bestow the Finns with certain abilities that would make the actual use of the powers more practical. We don’t actually know at what point their powers kick in, so there’s a very real possibility that a kid could burn to death or drown while experimenting with their gift.

Over on Pateron, on the inked version of chapter 1 page 37, when Ravi forcibly activated Colin’s variant of the Finn Family Curse, Kory told us in the info paragraph for the strip, that Colin can breathe underwater.
As a result of this, it is logical to assume that Phineas, because of his variant of the Curse was fireproof, even if his surroundings were not.

Oh… OMG… could Phin 2 died because she could make things grow easily and fast but didn’t because its misuse of her powers… When things are going downhill and food is getting scarce because no one can actually harvest if being sick and dying? That could have easily been something to kill over, and thus the creation of the Avalon in full being utterly secret from humans. If could have been Phin 2 death that basically was the deciding point of ‘we can’t trust humans’ and that just kept going through the generations, particularly when monsters were being hunted to extinction like Unicorns.

Oh, Ravi, Ravi, Ravi… sir, you can easily be kicked out of these caves if you violate the rules of being a good Guest. They’re not yours, no matter what you seem to think.

I dearly hope that James puts Ravi in his place. After all, it’s Ravi’s fault they lost the magic, and thus any reason to a) teach their descendants about magic and b) remember there was magic in the first place. I suspect one reason Ravi is getting so mad at them is because he’s feeling guilty due to his own failures. It’s always so much easier to blame others than it is to admit your own faults, after all.

I got three words: “You go, James!”

I’m becoming more and more convinced we’re going to find out that Ravi forgot to provide some key piece of information Way Back When because he was sure It Was Obvious (tm, pat. pend.), when clearly we’re seeing it was not, at least not to anyone other than Ravi.

Also, it’s a poor workman who blames his tools.

Uh, Ravi? It is one thing to be frustrated when whatever you have planned with your friend is messed up by circunstances beyond the control of anyone, It is ANOTHER to insult your friend family in theur faces. let’s be honest, you deserved to be yelled at by James fin.

It’s also a cliché in drama that the guy who barges in and tries to get all the attention, while insulting everyone else to distract them from not getting answers, and *pretending* to know *all about everything*, turns out to be the enemy. Here, the goal has been met. That’s the important thing to pass down, not The Plan that Ravi may not have told Phineus the Red. Ravi has seemed surprised several times “oh, *that’s* the door! Oh I did this that and the other thing a mere trifle of 800 years ago! Didn’t your family keep track? Oh things were different then!” He’s covering up that he *doesn’t* know, because he wasn’t there, because *he’s a fake!* — too harsh?

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