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Do your ears hang low? Do they wobble to and fro?

And yes, I do think he could tie ’em in a knot or tie ’em in a bow.

To be honest, I get both sides of this argument.

On one hand, saying you’re lucky that your situation could have been WORSE, doesn’t make you lucky over all. You still had something unpleasant happen to you, you still have to learn how to deal with that, and you’re still going to be unhappy about that.

If I broke my leg and a friend tells me to stop complaining about how having a broken leg sucks because he’d had two broken legs before, then I’d get annoyed. Sure, my troubles weren’t as big as his, but they’re still troubles.The fact you suffered more, doesn’t make me suffer less.

But, on the the other hand, it’s so terribly frustrating when someone is complaining about their situation, which you’ve experienced to an even greater extent, and you’re trying to help them deal with it and all they want to do is complain. You’ve been through an even worse version of their scenario, so you feel like you have a pretty good idea of how to deal with it, but they won’t listen to your advice.

Both Michelle and Greg have good reasons for what they’re feeling. Michelle needs to be both able to complain, but make an effort to cope. Greg needs to be patient, but his advice should be accepted.

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