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You know, I would do relatively subtle things like that just for the sake of making those around me doubt their sanity.

Is it convenient to repair the word “seize” there?

Hah! After 4+ years you’re the first to point out that there’s a typo on this page!

How about “widely” in panel 6?


Not your best page :P

We still love you though. :) Most of us were just so hungry for story we kind of bounced over the…lecture…


Yeah that’s all I did. Got two words in and went “Boring lecture. Got it.”

Actually read the lecture, just now. I think of the Arrogant Worms song “War of 1812” and then I think “foreign teacher?”

Now for the REAL version of this history lesson…-
And then in 1812 the Americans declare war upon Britain, due to unfair french trade boycotts and, behind the scenes in the hidden section of there governments, forcing gryphons to pay even more tactics as the gryphons did not have to pay for a boat. Madison (an extreme anti- gryphon activist) was unprepared for war, as he did not realize the canadians had more mythological residents than expected. Thus, the militia’s attack did not go as easily as planned….

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