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Holy crap does that 1889 guy have a monocle?!?! AWESOME!

You’ll also notice that the 1500 era wizard is sporting a monocle as well. It should not come as a surprise to many though, as its a well know fact that the might of a given wizard is determined by their number of worn monocles.

Is it just me… or is the kid Lorne Lyon? He looks a lot like your sketches of him when Lorne was a child.

However after 100 generations or so almost everybody shares a common ancestor. Thus we are all mix and beasts in disguise.

I’m not the best at math, but if you were right about the 100 generations thing, than all this medallion and unturned human skulduggery would have to have started at least 10000 years ago. For reference the Egyptian pyramids were built roughly 4000 years ago give or take the odd century.

What of a clever spell, in several generations very large segment of the population would be nonhuman, over time the percentage would near 100%.

Depends on the birth rate. As we discover later in the story, if a non-human mates with a human, the offspring is sometimes just a normal human. And some of the non-human species have lifetimes significantly longer than humans… usually a long lifetime corresponds to a slow reproduction rate.

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