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Kill Them With Kindness 11: Poison

Kill Them With Kindness 11: Poison published on 65 Comments on Kill Them With Kindness 11: Poison

Look! It’s the name of the comic! Sounds like Rhonda has a few choice family members of her own.

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And now the shenanigans begin!

Sorry if I made you uncomfortable with any comments before, Kory.
I have a dark past… As many others in fandom do.

And my sense of humor is often rather eccentric.
(You’d have to spend time with me at a party to understand….Though I suspect you’d have a blast listening to some of the stories I tell at parties!)


I love Ike’s face in the second panel. I think it’s going to be a good long while before he stops being stunned that Rhonda is willingly in this relationship with him.

I also love Lee’s expression in the second to last panel. Clearly he approves of Rhonda’s methods. ;~)

So, I believe I just found my favorite couple on Skin Deep. And just all around my favorite character.
BTW anyone notice how Ike’s brother is all sad and then happy when he starts hearing Rhonda’s reasoning?
Pretty funny! XD

I don’t know how you do it Kory.. you can make characters we absolutely loath … then you can make characters that we/I absolutely love and adore..

I kind of knew that Rhonda had that side to her when she gave Ike that pint of beer in the bar. You could see it in her smile.

And the truth is out! Actually, Rhonda reminds me of one of my best friends with this approach. It’s really a very clever tactic, as one is doing NOTHING wrong and yet still managing to drive the target bonkers. One might even eventually win his/her way into the target’s good graces, or at least be perceived as having the patience of a saint by those who aren’t clued-in. It’s a delightfully devious mix of taking the high road and playing mind games.

A word of warning: In this kind of situation one should be careful to avoid trapping the person in the middle (Ike, in this case) in a tug-of-war. That’s less of a hazard in this case, since Ike will probably enjoy watching his mother twitch.

I doubt there’s any hazard of Ike being in the middle here. In all likelihood he’ll be enjoying the show now that he knows what’s going on.

I think a lot of this isn’t just “enjoying the show,” but just being aware that Rhonda is aware of how rude his mother is, and doesn’t find fault* with him for it.

* I don’t mean “blame him,” but find that he must be bad because his mother is so mean.

Well, looks like Ike found the person as menacing as his mom. Studies have shown people are usuall drawn romantic partners similar to our parents, in other words boys that remind girls of dad and girls that boys of mom. Try to wrap your head around that for a moment while reading this chapter.

I’m wondering if Ike and Rhonda were to have children, would Ike pass on his hybrid traits, or would it be just get a random chance between the three species?
Also, would them doing it in half form influence the outcome, leaning more heavily to the feline species? Or would the have to do it while human?

Rhonda just skipped over the cluster of people tied for my second-favourite of the Skin Deep characters, and is right behind Myra in the running. (If we get to see much more of her, her pleasant demeanor could easily result in her taking first!)

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