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Kill Them with Kindness 4: A Mother’s Love

Kill Them with Kindness 4: A Mother’s Love published on 51 Comments on Kill Them with Kindness 4: A Mother’s Love

Happy LAST DAY OF 2013, everybody! I hope you had a good year! Today is the very last day of the Skin Deep Winter Sale, so if you want some CHEAP SKIN DEEP STUFF get in on that action! And have a happy new year!


I love Ike’s expressions in the first four panels. As contentious as his relationship with his mother is, it would be easy for him to project those feelings onto Cy as well, but he really is happy to see his little brother progress in his shapeshifting.

Is… that one of the reasons why Alec is such good friends with Ike? The body-horrorshow that happens every time Ike shifts to human? >:=/> Also, was Ike living in the LA just so he could be away from his loving family and his peach of a mother?

Ike: …Hey, Rhonda, what’s Bohemia like? D’you have a place there? Ever thought of moving back? Like soon? By which I mean now-ish?

Rhonda: …Maybe. Would you care to go shoe-shopping with me now?

Lee: Hey! I heard that, and I’m going to tell mother. Unless you take me too!

Anyway, the New Year fireworks have just finished… so HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!!

Ha. At the very least Alec is among those who wouldn’t find the body-horrorshow a deterrent to friendship. And I’m pretty sure I read that Alec, Ike, and Remy all moved to the LA together, so Lynn Stanford’s charming personality was probably not the sole reason for putting some 150+ miles between London and themselves. Ike must have seen it as a major bonus though.

I think the proper pun for that water-dewlling horse creature is BEACH

Yes, and Cartman from South Park did a song about it!

– “Mr. Garrison, sir! We could sing “Ike’s Mother is a Stony, Cold Beach” in D-flat minor!”
– “…. *sigh* Don’t call my mother a beach, you… whatever.”

However, the Stranglers did a song about peaches on beaches, in an entirely different vein… (Peaches by the Stranglers – you’ll have to search for it on YouTube, as the moderation system only accepts so many links at once >:=(> )

“Strolling along, minding my own business,
There goes a buggane and a half,
She’s got me going up and down,
She’s got me going up and down,

Walking on the beaches, looking at the peaches…”

Lynn: Hmmm, I can think of places Ike’s father could be… like down in the streets, or down in the sewer… or even on the end of a skewer. *smiles*

Coincidentally, the Stranglers also did a track called Skin Deep (search for it on YouTube)

Tony Gillis: “You’d better watch out for the skin deep…” Yeah, bit late for that… *grump*

And finally, one for our lionesses… (Golden Brown by the Stranglers)

Ike: (sings under his breath) Every time, just like the last,
On her ship, tied to the mast,
To distant lands, takes both my hands,
Never a frown, with Golden Brown…

Rhonda: Distant lands? We’re only going to the shoe shop, sweetheart! No drama! :-3

We have only just begun to experience Ike’s mother….
And I am already feeling the urge to cheerfully flush her down the toilet.

Think Stanley would mind an extra special snack? ;P

On second thought.. No.
She would give poor Stanley indigestion, and such a sweet sea monster doesn’t deserve to suffer like that.


You want to flush toxic waste such as Ike’s mother down the toilet?
Don’t you care about the environment?

The one whom I’d to see Ike’s mother fed to, as a snack, is Bloodcarver.

The tidiest way to… deal with… her, would be to dump her, without any supplies, in the middle of the Nullabor, at the height of summer.

Sadly, sometimes sacrifices must be made for the greater good.

*Strikes heroic pose*

Besides, we can seal her in concrete and welded stainless steel to contain the toxicity. ;)

She wouldn’t fit after that, would she?
Maybe we could use the resulting block for something constructive…
Like a trail marker in the center of the Gobi.


I’m dying to see what Ike looks like as a human now.

Question–I just noticed that his family all appear to be white or pale at least, but Ike himself, seen in Bugbear Talisman, is very clearly POC.

How do human genetics play into this, if at all?

Maybe his manticore dad is black?

If I recall correctly, though, aren’t manticores monsters that can’t even shift? Or am I recalling this incorrectly?

Even if his manticore father has a visible human race, he doesn’t look like he’s of African descent, but I could be wrong!

I read Ike’s human form as more Mideastern than African, which works with the manticore being from Persian mythology.

How do you move a townhouse .-.

I’ve kind of lost track of the sorts of people who can actually shapeshift as opposed to just casting “glamours” with amulets. Which ones do both?

No species does both. Medallions were made to hide those who couldn’t hide themselves. Bugganes, for example, can blend in with the human population with nothing but their own innate abilities. All but the very young can switch from their natural state to a flawless human form, and mothers can give birth to children in human form (we can surmise the second fact from Ike’s backstory as told in Exchanges). The various species we see with medallions lack innate magic to do this, hence the need for outside help.

The wiki is currently doing a pretty good job at cataloging the various species that appear a noting if and how they disguise themselves.

Mostly true. Creatures that can look human don’t need medallions, but there are some who can change form in other ways that still need them. Nixies, for example, can make their tails into legs and back again, but they can’t look human without help.

I KNEW IT! *Sings the doom song* Rhonda, bake some kind of cake for Welcome Wagon duties- a Black Beast or a Bublanina maybe. PLEASE. It’ll help.

No Joe.
What is needed is the UNwelcome Wagon.

I doubt a though nut like Lynn can be scared off. So, “Kill Them With Kindness”!

BTW the foods I spoke of are Bohemian or Czech food food AFAIK.

Lynn: Darling, that cake was delicious- and quite clever! I’d never have thought to make one that looked like meat!
Rhonda: Thanks, it’s called srnci hrbet.
Lynn: Srr- uh- um thank you. Now if only Petrus could cook.
Rhonda: Oh, he can! He told me he’ was going to do a cookout for you! *Meaningful look*
Ike: No I – oh yes.

Ike fumes as he Cooks steaks on grill*
*Lynn: Dear, your father’s t-bone’s a bit overdone. But at least you didn’t burn them.

I love that softening Ike’s expression goes under. As pissed as he is from direct contact with his mother, he can’t stay mad when Cyan is doing something adorably cool.

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