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Bugbear Talisman 8: Alec Loves Doing This

Bugbear Talisman 8: Alec Loves Doing This published on 30 Comments on Bugbear Talisman 8: Alec Loves Doing This

PAX Prime was super fun! Thank you to everybody who came out! My next con is SPX! If you’re in Maryland, please STOP BY! It will be my first East Coast convention!!!


Hah, I love the fact that they’re discussing the novel “Metamorphsis.” That was a downright weird book (I say this as an English major. My teacher just won’t shut up about the castration allegory in it, and all the Freud theories. Ever since, I’ve had a strong dislike of “Metamorphsis”).

I was told by a person who read the book that it seemed more like a thesis for never helping anyone. They based that on the fact that the family’s lives did not improve until somebody stopped taking care of them. But that sounds like something Ayn Rand would write, not Kafka.

Ahaha! Last panel! Love how Alec’s needling gets under Ike’s skin enough to provoke claws and pink fur!

I can’t decide which of all your characters I like best! Today, it’s Ike, buuut–could be another when looking at a different page / story!

Ah, Metamorphsis. I seem to recall reading somewhere the way it was written in the original language made the revelation of the change much more vague and metaphorical. Or in the least, the sentence format helped, however it wouldn’t work the same in English.

… or something. I don’t remember, and haven’t read the story itself.

Got to wonder, with a nose that big won’t Alec smell the honey before he sees it? Or even smell that Lily has been in the building?

I notice that Ike was the one who unlocked, and he is another Boney King of Nowhere, soooo… rehearsal room? I suppose it could be Alec’s home and the band’s rehearsal space – Alec does have a built-in entry and monitoring system, after all. Not to mention being able to know who’s been going down his beer, and when he needs to stop off and grab a few six-packs on the way home.

I also notice that Ike is barefoot, which would only be natural when he can shift from hoof to human and back at a moment’s notice. However, I do wonder how many times he’s arrived at the Avalon’s exit, only to realise that he hasn’t got his shoes with him…

He might not mind that he didn’t bring them with him. :3 It’s pretty awesome to see an actual barefoot human character, you see so few because people have such massive hang-ups about the whole thing.

Considering how many characters probably have to go barefoot… I’m assuming the streets in that town must be super clean as a practical consideration in avoiding injury :)

Actually the human foot is plenty tough enough to go anywhere. Those streets wouldn’t be any cleaner than those of the city outside.

It’s only because people put them in shoes and don’t use them that that they are soft. If you walk barefoot your skin quickly becomes like leather. How do you think dogs\cats\other amimals manage? X3

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