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Kill Them With Kindness 8: Rampant Hypocrisy

Kill Them With Kindness 8: Rampant Hypocrisy published on 70 Comments on Kill Them With Kindness 8: Rampant Hypocrisy

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Meanwhile, in the comic, don’t let anyone know how much Ike takes after his mother in terms of temperament because he will NOT appreciate that little revelation.


I’m quite surprised that his tail-spines hadn’t ripped out of their bandages when he flared up on the second last panel.

Seem’s Lee is either neutral or completely oblivious to what is going on between Ike and his Mom.

Kory.. this story is both infuriating and extremely fascinating.. Can’t wait till next week!

Nah, Ike’s spikes were removed, as is considered polite for manticores. Says so here

For one.. the link is broken..

I though it was said when Ike was introduced that he had to bandage his tail to keep from accidentally harming others with his tail-spines.

Yeah, Kory took down pretty much all of the old development art from her dA account a few days ago. As I recall though, it only said that it was common for manticores living within communities to have their venomous spines removed as a show of good faith. It didn’t say anything about Ike actually having done so.
Elsewhere it was noted that Ike venom is rather weaker than a true manticore’s is anyway, but he keeps his tail bandaged because, while it wouldn’t likely kill anyone, the reactions still are better avoided.

I imagine that Ike doesn’t have enough control over his shapeshifting to keep the spines from coming back, considering how he sheds bits of himself.

I wonder if his spines can be used as a reagent.

I wonder why he doesn’t spend most of his time looking human, if it’s exhausting or…

Perhaps hanging out in that Avalon in full disguise is a symbolic rejection of the monster, and he’d still get treated badly.

Woooow, Ike and Lynn really brings out the worst in each other, don’t they? Now, isn’t there a saying something along that line… about how family knows you the best? (Not necessarily in the positive sense.)

I’ve been reading the comments for the past few pages, and I don’t think I’ve seen anybody speculate the possibility of Lynn being raped. It’s certainly an explanation for why she hates felines so much, and why Ike’s mystery father was NEVER a part of Ike’s life. Also, I get the impression that Ike himself doesn’t know the consequences of his conception (how Lynn conceived him)… but Horace does. Why would else Horace tell IKE to stop, not Lynn? Just something to think, fellow readers.

Yea it’s quite a solid theory, and things like that isen’t something you simply “get over”, and instead of painting all “men” bad it became either all felines or all non-bugganes, and that might after that have created her extreme racism since it layed a solid foundation to build it on.

If she was as stuck up and racistic even before anything happened i can easily devise a senario where she utter a few too many impropper lines to someone who’ve had a bit too much to drink whom then decides she’s “asking for it” so to say.

Pulled from my doc of old Forumspring questions that I swear I’m adding to the wiki *today* because I’ve been forgetting to do it for nearly a year now, the answer from Ms. Bing herself.

Q: Was Ike’s mom raped by a manticore, or did she have a relationship with one that (understandably) went sour? Sorry if it’s a bit mature of a question >>.
A: The situation is a bit complicated but I’m going to go ahead and say that no raping occurred.

Not to mention that it wouldn’t really fit the tone of the rest of the comic. I can see her being tricked by some dodgy disguise magic, though.

Also, given the brief description of manticore language on DeviantArt, that “tone of voice” comment seems like a perfect opening to let loose a few swear words in it, should he be capable.

“I can see her being tricked by some dodgy disguise magic, though.”

She would not have been holding consent to who she thought she would have been so rape would still be the implication were disguise magic be involved, so no.

If he was using disguise magic to look like a specific person that Lynn was already in or inclined to be in a relationship with, I would agree with you. If he was just using to hide that he was a manticore (likely passing for human, since any other option would be much more complicated) so that he could have a life that was something other from hiding from the entire world, and Lynn just happened to become part of that life, I wouldn’t call it rape.

For all we know, both of Ike’s parents thought the other one was human. Becoming pregnant would have been a good reason for Lynn to tell Ike’s father her real species, which in turn would have lead to him admitting his own. A younger Lynn may have been willing to start a family with a human, plenty of mythical creatures have, but finding out he was a monster could have a breaking point.

Good point about the possibility of one or both parents pretending to be human.

Lynn’s comments about a “proud buggane family” make me think she may have internalized some things her own parents said when disapproving of a relationship she had with a manticore (or someone who turned out to be a manticore rather than a human).

You know, Lynn, I’m sure your falling out with Ike’s father did leave you with a particular sore spot as regards to felines, but the community you just moved into has rather a lot of people living in it who are cats, in whole or in part, so you’re kinda going to have to tone it down. Having this shouting match in the middle of the street is not giving people the best first impression.

Gosh, Kory, you are such a great observer of human nature! That’s one of the things I like best about Skin Deep–your varied, consistent, realistic, all-too-human people.

That last panel–everyone’s expressions! Can’t wait until this gets printed; only drawback to hard copy is no hilarious alt text comments!

Maybe she could print the alt text in a tiny font, upside down, under each of the pages?

Why am I getting the feeling that Lee is old enough to have started absorbing his mother’s opinions and making them his own? He is looking at Ike with a rather annoyed expression on his face–almost reflecting Lynn’s. There are few things more annoying than a younger sibling that gets self righteous at you.

I love that detail on Ike’s fur floofing. Angry kitties floof. Especially angry pink kitties like Ike.

Ike: “A proud buggane family” that doesn’t “pollute it’s name with feline riff-raff”, eh? So why the hell have you hung onto living proof that you did?! Why didn’t you put me up for adoption or just abandon me on a doorstep somewhere?! Or just disown me?! Like, right now!?!

Lynn: We are not having this conversation again!! And don’t misuse the word “like” like that – you’re not a bloody beatnik!

Yes, there does seem to be some rather serious denial there. She does appear to be completely blocking the fact that her own son, whom she is lecturing on the undesirability of interbreeding, is himself a half-blood. A half-blood, moreover, who is more than happy to avoid any mention of or contact with her, and would have left her alone and undisturbed to raise a new, respectable and pure-blooded family with her staid and respectable accountant husband.

I just thought of something. Most of the examples about genetics here are creatures that have medallions, even if they did the deed in their natural forms. Even if the medallion magic was originally based whole-cloth off of shapeshifter abilities, perhaps Lynn unknowingly has something wrong with her that made her think that lying with a manticore wouldn’t come back to haunt her.

Considering Lynn gives me flashbacks to my sister, I will voice one lifetime observation that I have made in relations to aggravating personalities and how it affects the drama level of your life (And the lives of those around them).

First it sets those special personalities apart from the pack, So people who prey opportunistically will find people like Lynn as a tasty target due to, One she has fewer people watching her back, And two She would have less resources to bring retribution on them. Although Lynn has quite the strong personalty and has most likely learned how to take care of her self.

Second Hypocrites tend to bring some of it on themselves (And note I am not saying it is deserved) When they go though life having an array of double standards. Its the downside of having a standard to suit your every whim, You occasionally have a repercussion that don’t sit will with the standards you like to keep in the rest of your daily life.

And all said, Well done Kory for capturing those slices of life so well

Simple way to force Lynn to see her true nature: have a mage cast a spell that will force her outward appearance to always match her true/inner nature… she’ll look like a very ugly child or adult that no-one would want to deal with, and I mean absolutely NO ONE! (‘cept maybe her husband). On top of that she won’t be able to change back until she changes her tune quite a bit.

*tied myself so I don’t jump and strangle her for good*
She’s totally… detestable >:C
Ike looks he´s about to burst full-form any second (I know it’s his fur poofing out)
It’s all her fault for Ike’s condition, she don’t have the guts to assume it.
Still waiting to see what else will happen…

It is not Lynn’s fault for Ike’s physical condition.
It IS Lynn’s fault for Ike’s frustrated anger.
It is Lynn’s fault for ramping Ike’s frustrated anger to 11 this day.

Technically, it IS her fault- because she chose to have a child with Ike’s father. Whether she had thought her husband was human at the time or not, she is still responsible for her actions and by all rights she should accept that. Whether she will, or not, I couldn’t say. ‘Tis for Kory to know and us to read about, with great enjoyment!

The difference between “responsibility” and “Fault” is that the word fault carries blame with it- that something bad was done. I think we all agree that there’s nothing wrong with being a half-breed, so she’s partly responsible for how Ike looks and definitely at FAULT for stirring things up.

Rhonda’s expression in the first panel, especially her ears, says one thing and one thing only: “Lady, did you just call my boyfriend ugly?”

I have to say it. I can’t stop myself from saying it. I’ve been trying to stop myself from saying it all day and I’ve failed.

Ooooh, that Lynn…So much like my own mother, I want to punch her. My mother HATES my boyfriend. Because he has opinions and won’t just roll over and submit to hers, like my ex did. I went from dating a jellyfish to dating a fire-breathing dragon. Mum did NOT take that well, and I doubt she’ll forgive me.

Go Ike! Go Rhonda! I berleeeeve in you two!

It seems Lee has learned one of the most valuable lessons in dealing with two people (esp family members) who only serve to set each other off with escaltating arguments – stay veryvery quiet and hope both of them totally overlook you. Because chances are when the two combatants finally break apart they’ll turn on the first thing in range to vent their frustraition at a lack of victory over the other. Poor Horace even with his attempts to peace-keep, is likely going to have to spend the rest of the day having his ears talked off.

Cy on the other hand is just young enough for the whole thing to blow right over his head plus he likely gets some form of shield in the form of Lee who might end up taking the brunt of post-argument-rants (least when Horace isn’t around).

Ike likely gets just as angry as his mother, but I get the feeling that he probably cools off quicker and is possibly less likely to take it out on others (at least once he’s cooled off).

An interesting story twist and like the others said before I’m glad to see a bit deeper into the social structure with things like racism (shouldn’t it be speciesism?)

not to be rude but i was really hoping to see the guy with long white hair again you know the stag guy and see what happens with his best friend who is a monster now his friend has feather sideburns looks like a cross with a harpy and a giant crow
and his hands or backwards now i want to see him playing the guitar cuz we havnt seen him do so yet also is the crow/harpy guy have a dad, is his dad a monster to, and moved away hoping it would not catch with his son maybe he left for a different reason
does his mom know he is a monster yet ?
i really love this webcomic but i dont like that the plot keeps jumping around i would really like to get to know some of the older character better
like with um think his name is greg, the guy with goat horns satyer i think will he get to make out with one of his female friends
the green haired griffen says he is going to study aboard ??? when is this before or after he meets the others, that is the guys from the first story line the mermaid, greg and the sphina girl
did i say i want to see more of the white haired stag guy does he play a musical instrument too ?
will you ever go back to the other characters and tell us more about them ? feels like i am missing alot of back story for each character
thank you ever much for you artwork and stories i love them :) please keep up the fantastic artwork :D

Someone should go on an archive-crawl. :)

I do want to see Blanch-Anthony again, possibly as a lightly-illustrated short story. Blanche stood in as the Horsemen’s drummer.

Orientations happens after Exchanges.

*Epiphany* She blames herself. Deep down Lynn feels guilty for saddling Ike with this burden, or, failing that, for bringing such as him into the world. A lot of the anger she expresses is internal turned outward. In a way, by insisting on purity, she’s attempting to make up for mistakes and prevent further damage to the family name.

can we get the links that were on the botton side of the webcomic back please
thank you
also when will we see story arcs with the older characters i want to see blanche and the guy who isnt a half grphon but wishs he was i forget his name is it sam ? i also want to see how things are working out for blanche’s best friend who has turned into a who knows what
i would love to see the sphina’s girl again as well as the other 4 starting characters as in what is their hobbies and what do your do in their spare time do they have other friends
will we see blanche’s best friends mom find how he is a monster thing, is his dad a monster thing too ? will we see what his dad looks like
why did his dad leave
i was thinking maybe his father left so his monster side would not catch on with the rest of his family ?
what do the characters do for work? we see alot of the characters busing or being waiters at restarants
do they work as monsters or work at the human world
i would also like to see a 4 winged thunder bird person if posable
thanks again for the awsume artwork

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