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Obverse & Reverse Ch6 Page 12

Obverse & Reverse Ch6 Page 12 published on 18 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Ch6 Page 12

Sometimes you gotta name yourself if you weren’t given a name.

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I wonder, does this mean she’s an orphan, or that bandersnatches just have… odd methods of generation? I wouldn’t put either past them by now.

Heck, at this point, I wouldn’t put it past them that the answer is “I don’t have a family because the concept has been renamed to ‘mirthenswaggle’ for all of us southnorthers in the aftermath of the Limiswerx vernissage” …

Now… I’m not sure if you should take the word of Avalonian by the face value…

But if she’s actually speaking the truth, she has developed marvelously, speech, morals and everything. Kudos.

I feel that it’s incumbent on the lads to at least invite her to MEET some people who live outside the forest.

Prejudice against relatively-innocent Frumious Bandersnatches seems no closer to being virtuous than any other prejudice against relatively-innocent people, and I think there are bound to be plenty of virtuous people who understand that.

After asking her nicely not to breathe fire indoors, a few might even allow her to see the inside of their houses.

I remember one of the Reader Questions Sections where Eleanor and Rupert responded to, “What do you miss about Wonderland.”

Eleanor’s answer was “The unbridled rampant xenophobia.”

I don’t think she’s going to get invited in many houses.

I have been remembering that, and I do wonder if it was xenophobia, or just a hate of a specific bandersnatch, not her species. I mean, Eleanor is gorgeous and lovely, and we readers all adore her, but perhaps they’re more freaked out by her not having a family, or her burning something specific down, than by her being a bandersnatch? Or something? I wait to see the rest of this story before I pass judgement just yet. I just don’t have enough data on what is going on.

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