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Obverse & Reverse Ch 1 page 5

Obverse & Reverse Ch 1 page 5 published on 62 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Ch 1 page 5


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I’ll be there! I’ll be selling my books there! I’ll have my DOG there! I’ve never done a Book Launch before and I’m really nervous!


man, Bloodcarver is really bad at like… not kidnapping people…

I’m now imagining him going somewhere and just looking down to find a sack of stolen people he just randomly picked up with out thinking, like when you scratch an itch without thinking of where you are or where it is

Bloodcarver: (having just pokéd Greg into the red ball with Michelle) Gotta catch them all… *exit and exeunt*

Rebecca Sugar: (watching from concealment) What the…? Was that a dragon?? Did it just kidnap some people? What should I do??? What does one do about… dragon kidnap? And how did it make that rosy-coloured bubble that it stuffed them into?? Maybe… I should just get some of this down. *gets out sketchpad* *sketches bubble, captions it “ROSE” with an arrow* *sketches hairy guy in bubble* …And what did she call him…? *captions hairy guy “GREG”*


Well, that was stupid.

Bloodcarver looks so annoyed, like “Fine, if you want to give me more work focusing my magic to keep two people alive in the ocean, be my guest. I’m honestly just tired at this point”

Well … no Stanley in sight, and it looks like the basin has an always-open exit. Makes one wonder whether Stanley has a part-time job or two with *other* waste disposal dpt.s … ;-)

I’m actually kinda worried about Stanley. I hope her absence means she had enough sense to go “Oh s**t, a dragon! HideHideHide” … as opposed to Bloodcarver going “Well, this annoying critter could be a problem” and SnapCrunchGurgle … RIP Stanley …

There *do* seem to be streaks of red in the basin’s water in the last panel ……. 8-C

(… or are those *brown*!?)

I believe the red-and-brown streaks in the last panel, with the rippled effects on the water around them, is Bloodcarver having slipped below the surface once again, guests in tow; whether they’re willing guests is up for debate, mind, but they’re his guests at this point none-the-less.

Does Bloodcarver swim like a dog, or like a bat??? Important question.

More like a fish. Tails are great for that after all.

That last expression of Bloodcarver’s: “Godsdammit, I am SO going to get my ass chewed over this…..”

Also: Where is Stanley? She should be being a Good Girl and biting the hell out of the giant red invader of her territory!

Erm… so what’s up with the distortion around Bloodcarver’s hand in panel 3? That’s the sort of distortion one usually sees around a medallion activating…

His right hand is holding the bubble, and his left is holding Greg.
His right hand looks distorted since it’s being looked at through the bubble, and water.
The fingers and claws of his right hand look normal where they are over the top of the bubble.

“Argh, I have so had enough of this shit. Look, you pair of idiots, what part of ‘Pssst!’ and ‘Sssh!’ when I first poked my head up gave you the impression that I wanted to do anything but talk WITHOUT ANYONE ELSE KNOWING ABOUT IT? You had to go and panic so I had to quiet things down and that means you two are bubbled. Now, are you going to SHUT UP AND LISTEN or do we need to sit here at the bottom of the dock for another hour or two until you calm down enough to use your heads?”


”Goat: The goat is a metaphor for your state of peacefulness. When your goat is with you, you are calm and collected. When your goat is stolen, you become angry and upset.

Notes: Getting someone’s goat can not be a quick process and must be done by not being directly mean. The best way to get someone’s goat is by means of clever annoyance.”

-Courtesy of Urban Dictionary. Seemed a fitting definition for this. ;D

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