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I agree. He won’t be particularly agile in the water, unless he’s had the nixie spit treatment. And as for actually making any impression in a big, armoured dragon…

Flashback dissolve.

Mary Finn: *leafs through tome* Ah… here we are! This could be useful. “Ye dragon-” – that’s actually “the dragon,” by the way – the first letter is actually a “thorn” and sounds “th” – “The dragon is tickelish wheire the wing-leather joynes its side, particularly at the pit of the wing-arm. It maye alsoe be tickeld most grievously at the insides of the ears, alsoe…

Dissolve to present.

Bloodcarver: Stop it! STOP!! I don’t like being tickled!! Alright, alright, I’m letting her go! Just stooooop! *sniffle* Nixies should just keep it to themselves… *grump*


… Greg no. Now no one knows what happened to either of you. What have you done????

Are we gonna ignore the fact that Michelle is in a bubble in the last scene?

Considering that I predicted that Bloodcarver would find it even more difficult to get a polite conversation started with a dripping-wet cat, after taking the submarine way out, I think it’s a quite elegant solution to that conundrum. :-)

(Also, I sorta picture BC calmly putting another goatéball back onto that walkway on the next page, saying “I agree, but you’ll now have enough time to come up with a better one.” >:-> )

Aaaaaand now we get to see if goats can float! O_O Oh, Greg. BTW, *where* are Bloodcarver’s wings? They looked a bit too big earlier to fold for easy storage. Also, where’s Stanley? Wouldn’t she defend her people and her territory?

Hmm? Greg half (full?) shifting makes sense in the emotional context, but I think I’m more impressed by his pants. He hates his alternate side, right? He would reject it as much as possible, but here he is using it knowing it would allow him to be more capable of making the jump, too. And yet, his pants show the flap for a tail. Unless getting flapless pants is harder in the Avalon, the fact he has it and wore it ahead of time, has he embraced his other side over the year? If so, it’s certainly paying off now.

The amulets, among their many other amazing features, construct pants flaps where necessary.

Akai is right, I think Kory told us it’s the other way around.
Goaty does wear flappy pants (haha), which are then camouflaged by the amulet as normal pants.

“So, do I have flappy pants that become flapless, or flapless pants that become flappy?”

No way to tell by checking out your pants while you’re wearing them. Amulets obviously provide tactile “illusion” as well as visual.

The only way to tell for sure what the actual ground state of your pants is would be to take them off, hang them on a chair, back up a ways, and take a look.

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