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Obverse & Reverse Ch 3 Page 9

Obverse & Reverse Ch 3 Page 9 published on 21 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Ch 3 Page 9

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I feel so sorry for Michelle in this chapter, I can feel and relate to the sadness and fear in her. I mean, she is in a literal hell, but the thought of having to encounter those demons again, alongside the possibility of meeting her long-dead father again, who she hasn’t seen when she was just a small child…man, I don’t think I’d know where to start.

Hopefully, she’ll manage to get through fine, and will eventually get out of Dis alright.

Wondering if a shade is bit like an echo your existance leaves behind. Like a mark in reality for occupying “the same spot” for “so long”.

Kinda like the non-bleached marks furniture leave behind when you move them after centuries. The shadows of the past.

The small dragon is just waiting for the big scary people to move so he can get his ball from the other side of the road. Sure, the ball’s made from demon hair held together with glue made from hooves, but that takes a long time to make and he ain’t letting it go that easily!

Dear Michelle shades are the remains of a person that were the most strongest part of them during their life on Earth but they are not dangerous nor should you worry about them. The powers of a shade only go as far as influencing you in your dreams, like your dad actually I should say your dad’s shade did when you first got your medallion. So don’t worry unless the shade turns into a wraith. Then you need to worry.

Love and hugs


I just wanna coil around that adorable little green derg and keep him safe. What an adorable little thing!~

Also Kory I absolutely adore the floofifications of all your fluffy creations when they are spooked. its absolutely amazing!~

I’m loving all the little dragons in the background. I wonder if they’re a type of dragons who just happen to be on the small side or actual baby dragons — if dragons nearly went extinct and take a long enough time to mature, it would make sense that they’d have a serious generation gap and a lot more yong’uns than elders.

Time will tell!

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