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Ohh nooooooo…. Somebody really needs a hug.


Cmon man. >:/

He looks so genuinely sorry that he had to dash Michelle’s hopes like that.

Yeah. Bloodcarver isn’t as bad as a dragon than he was at first seen as in Orientations. He’s just a Dragon doing his job for Father, but he’s still empathetic towards Michelle, seeing her more than an ‘enemy’ or ‘target.’ And those little things are very cool.

Yea, he’s rather tough as his scales on the outside, but inside he’s a softy. He’s shown that a few times. He’s unfortunately got a bit of Ravi in him though… Doesn’t seem to quite know how to interact with the other races or read the mood until it’s too late. He’s at least a heck of a lot better than Ravi at it though. Probably because he’s cared to learn at some point, unlike Ravi rofl.

And of course you have the rather hot tempered dragon side that doesn’t seem to be easy for any dragon we’ve seen to control, which he seems to feel bad about as well when they happen. XD

While you are right about that, i want to put some food for thought on the table, so to say. In my mind, I see Michelle happy that her father is still around after so long, but only a fraction of him remains, with a seemingly broken mind (not sure how to say that). So she would be sad that her father is still around, but she can’t exactly talk to him about anything. To add on to this, Michelle is about to meet the mysterious “Father” who seems like the king of dragons to me. anyone want to elaborate?

Not to mention, the whole concept is disturbing. Parts of your sentience will remain after you die, and slowly disintegrate (possibly while knowing, at least initially, what is happening, but being unable to do anything about it), and this apparently happens to everyone.

But cheer up Michelle…um…at least it’s not raining?

I don’t see it in any positive way at all. To me, it’s like reuniting with a long lost relative and finding they have advanced dementia, unable to remember you if they tried.

Hold that thought. Wasn’t the shade smart enough to find michelle and drop the amulet where she would find it? and when the demons had him he kept whispering “Michelle, my belle” or something like that? This sounds like something we should ask about in the next hiatus, basing the question around “what exactly is a shade?” or “can it think?” or something like that.

P.S. please lets keep this discussion going its getting interesting

I believe its the last part that really put Michele down. Shades are only a memory of the conscience of the person and souls might not be real… And Bloodcarver realises he just told that young woman that her belief in an afterlife might be wrong, that her father might be nothing but a fading memory.

I think that since Michelle’s dad died so suddenly, didn’t he have a brain aneurysm or something? She was looking for a bit of closure but now see knows that she can’t and never really could because the Shade isn’t enough of her Father to really get closure from.

Still going with my theory of imprint left behind by long exposure. Some bleached marks fade fast, some remain for generations to see. Many a times a person has wondered what tales the marks of past lives would tell if they could speak…

Well, to be honest, not quite good ones, based on Skindeep. Kinda cryptic and slightly messed up… :D

Bloodcarver may be a grump alot of the time. But he always seems to have some sympathy about some of the more important parts. It seems like when he realizes that they may have touched a sensitive subject he seems regretful. I wanna give them both a hug.

Part of me feels that Blood does not want to be doing this if he had the choice.

He doesn’t appear to, nah. Before he pretty much left her be because she was innocent and had nothing to do with what occurred in the past. He didn’t want to drag the past up and have her end up involved in it. I just imagine now, with how things are going, he feels there’s no choice for her or him. Perhaps he feels she’d be safer meeting with this ‘Father’ than she would be ending up meeting with/being caught by anyone else. Because if word ever got out there’s a Sphinx alive, there’d be a lottttt of interested parties out there. For better or worse.

Michelle is gonna have to face the harsh reality sooner or later that her life is never gonna be the same and that it’s likely always going to be complicated. Even worse so than when she first discovered who and what she is and had to live with that.

Ok so I’m wondering something here. The way bloodcarver is acting I am getting the feeling like he and Michelle are related somehow. And before any of you wise guys makes a joke or comment about this let me say this. I know aren’t but it just feels like that. I am the kind of person that sees something and sometimes overthinks on it or just sees something more than what is actually there. So please try to understand that when I see Bloodcarver and Michelle together I can’t but think of them as two half’s of the same family.

Yeah, I think I know what you mean, he’s (at least for the moment) taking on something of a mentor role (or at least exposition fount), and they are both members of the “Our species were supposed to have been killed out in the big war” club. There’s a connection there.


If ghosts aren’t proof of a soul, then what are they? I’m remembering the ghost dog the Finneas’ family has…

At a guess from the ghost dog, the ghost is a ‘projection’; a copy of the original consciousness engraved into a magical artifact (such as a collar), and thus [1] technically isn’t ‘real’ and [2] doesn’t fade over time unless that magic is broken.

Makes me wonder that a single sphinx, imbued w all of their powers, cannot match one dragon…how one-sided that genocide would have been.

re-reading this in 2021. Jocasta has talked to her father’s shade. It was able to talk to her human mother, and deliver the medallion to Michelle. Go back and look at panel 4. A shade is RIGHT THERE, and the bloodcarver has no idea.

We know sphynxes are stupid-magical, especially when they’re rare. Michelle is pretty weak as a sphynx and her father was never fully realized, but… this is a really cool page and i missed it completely.

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