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Jim: “Now let’s go!
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Rupert: “He … he’s gone??
Jim: “What? I’m right here!
Lorne: “Yeah, I could swear he dissolved into thin air right in front of my eyes …”
Jim: “WHAT??”

Here come the Graboids!

Graboids in an enchanted forest where the flora is more dangerous than the fauna?
Not likely.
For all we know the forest is an entity unto itself akin to the clonal grove of quaking aspen in Utah’s Fishlake National Park or the so intertwined nobody can tell if it isn’t all just one entity spruce forest in the Rockies.

So a grouch that has a permanent “Go Away, don’t bother me”

I love the subtle way you’re using their wings to aid in their expressions! The one moment where Jim is all, “Oh shit, I’m actually off the path!” accompanied by flipping his wings up like a spooked owlet trying to make itself look bigger? Brilliant.

I completely missed Jim’s wings when he was off the path, so thanks for pointing it out. It was his eyes (or the one visible) that caught my attention. Reminded me of a horrified “Oh crap! What did I just do?” look.

I love how Rupert’s tail expresses his feelings. If you check out other pages, his tail feathers go down when he’s irked with Jim, go up when he’s happy and flare out when he’s upset or scared. It’s so much the way a cat’s tail behaves.

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