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Wait, is he selling her out? Or is he merely trying to get Father to stop trying to maim him? I’m having a hard telling what is happening here

I think Bloodcarver is trying to show that he did what he was asked to do and he’s still being punished for it.

Look at the other dragons, they’re looking at Michelle, but aren’t really doing anything. The green and purple one are looking at each other, then at Michelle. Are these younger dragons that were born after the war? They look confused…

Yeah, it reads to me more like “I’ve done what you asked, why are you punishing me for doing it?”. A way to make the conversation pivot away from the misstep about acknowledging that dragons came from the Mortal Plane and could actually Thrive out of Dis if they were given the means to do so.

That being said it seems like Dis Pater is trying to snuff out any talk about going back to the Mortal plane since dragons would only be able to do so through Medallion Magic (or adjacently stronger magic like with Ike’s dad or Anthony’s mother) and doing so would be seen as some kind of surrendering or submitting to the aggressing sphinxes at best and a hopeless pipe dream at worst (since it’s pretty heavily implied that historically speaking, most sphinxes simply were never going to give dragons medallions like with other “monsters”).

Absolutely saying whatever it takes to get the maiming to stop, like anyone in his position would be. No idea where the “Selling out” would come from, Carver’s mission was explicitly to bring her to Father in Dis. Which he has done and was actually fairly upfront about with Michelle this time.

And if this is Father’s idea of discipline for “speaking out of turn”, imagine what he’d do if Carver had failed to bring her back a second time. Only way he’d survive a second failure is to abandon all his little brothers and sisters in dis and try to find some place to hide out in the Material world, medallion or no. Which would work exactly long enough for Father to grow suspicious and send someone else after him or come himself, not to mention the claim the demons seem to have on them all.

Look hard Michelle. This is something you have the power to stop, and it’s only going to stop if you make it stop.

Note that Dis Pater is saying, “I */trusted/* that my /most faithful/ servant could /complete/ */one/* simple */task/*!,” to which Bloodcarver is responding, “I have /completed/ my mission! … I’ve /done/ what you */asked/* of me!”

This is Dis Pater (violently) punishing Bloodcarver for disobedience and failure and Bloodcarver is pointing out he did not fail (as part of pleading for Dis Pater to stop hurting him)

“You say that Bloodcarver has been seduced by the mortal realm, you say he has betrayed his kind for that of the Sphinxes, but when was the last time you went out into the world, and seen the wonders it held? Seen the sunrise or sunset, felt the cool wind under your wings felt the living ground under you talons? Over a millennium that’s how long. Bloodcarver has done this and has seen that the world is safe for dragons again.”

I think that is what some dragons are thinking right now but are to scared to say anything because the father is a hole lot bigger than any of them. This is a clear case of someone/something thinking might makes right. Eash talk out old fashioned. He is still probably living in the time of the great war. Well I have something to tell you buddy. Come here, closer, closer, closer, GET OVER IT!!!!! The war is over stop being such an idiot.

I’m using that reader question as a banner image and an icon on devianart – having no experience with this, am I doing something wrong? I don’t claim ownership of anything you’ve made and have no postings. I just wanted to be able to comment on other people’s stuff. Someone with more experience, please tell me what to do…

Papa Dragon likes the power.

Remember the Twilight Zone episode, “On Thursday We Leave for Home?” A group of people stranded on another planet is rescued, but the leader who helped them survive likes the status quo.

Dragons seem to be pretty rough with discipline, but this is not unknown in normal animal species. You should see the scars on an elephant seal.

Wait, how is “Father” talking while he is chomping down on Bloodcarver? XD

If you had a snout that looked like that with teeth no good for pronouncing and only good for biting, I imagine all the words you formed would be in the middle of the mouth or back of the throat, where there was more soft tissue to manipulate the airflow and shape of the larynx.

In short – without lips, whether or not his jaws were engaged wouldn’t make much difference in how clearly he can speak.

I am now wondering.

The purpose of the medallions seems to be to enable mythics to return to their supernatural forms once they’ve been turned human. And possibly to carry the magical construct that turns them human.

Which suggests to me that there’s no need for a medallion to turn someone human. Which we’ve seen elsewhere.

If that is the case, Michelle doesn’t need to make them medallions to let them live on Earth.

But it is a common thing in magic that transformation magic has a huge price. It is also common that magic lasts longer if it is tied to an object like the medallions.

Dragons also might have some magical resistance here as they do in many stories.

I think Michelle is going to have to reinvent medallions.

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