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Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 page 76

Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 page 76 published on 18 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 page 76



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I’m curious as to what Bloodcarver could possibly suggest

“You could start by shaving those legs…” XD

Michelle isn’t sugarcoating the challenge, but not running from responsibility either – sometimes that’s just what it takes, at least for making the first steps!

Next step is some super special vision that helps her figure out how to make medallions.

Not sure if the forge has to be special but (I think??) there’s a ferrier in town that might make horseshoes on site and could potentially help. Plus whatever other metalworking services there might be in the avalon.

Medallions don’t have to be metal, I think. I’m under the impression that Greg’s broke because it’s clay. It’s probably that most of the ones that are still usable are metal.

As for special forge, Michelle has the phoenix egg.

If I remember correctly, they were using the phoenix egg to smelt the metal, then casting them into molds and stamping them with dies. She probably will need her ancestral knowledge to figure out what alloys to use and what magic to put into them. I do believe this is quite beyond the capabilities of the local farrier, but a certain know-it-all might be able to provide a few insights.

It could also be that it’s the “Phoenix Fire” from the egg that creates the transformative properties. I mean the phoenix represents rebirth, new life, and in a way the medallions grant those of the magical community the power to have a ‘new life’ among non-magical(aka normal humans).

My bet would be that it would contain mostly common metals in the alloy, otherwise it might be difficult to get them. They had lots of mints that were destroyed by the Dragons, so it has to be something like Bronze or Copper.

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