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Obverse & Reverse Ch5 Pg 11

Obverse & Reverse Ch5 Pg 11 published on 27 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Ch5 Pg 11

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Oh god that’s why he wanted to bring Michelle here. He is going to hand her over to the demons! Run mich! RUN!!!

That was kinda to be expected. Also I doubt the demons are in any rush to let the dragons leave either, probably getting something off their united misery.

Probably offered some “small comforts” in exchange of the sphinx, while stroking Pater’s ego in “you don’t want to leave, just think how terrible it is outside”.

“do i get a say in this ?
of course not ! ”
why did she expect any different ?

and how having his earlier sacrifice* being denied thus would ‘appease’ bloodcarver ?

(I refer to the conversation between Bloodcarver and Gabriel, after the first left the heroine go)

Ah, OK, finally we get a reason! It’s about as good as we could have expected, but a reason all the same!

You can tell he is really off his rocker with how he buried the lead on that one.

Okay, now we get back to the nub of the matter that we figured was coming: Michelle is the single power source the demons can draw upon that’s bigger than all the dragons combined, so the bargain is Dis will stop draining *them*, and a factor in why the Father is so adamant on staying. He thinks he’ll have done his duty if he’s got the dragons’ revenge and improved their lot at the same time.

It’s not going to work of course. This *is* literal Hell we’re taking about here.

In theory that could also turn on Dis Pater in a bad way. From Illuminations we know that Michelle has all the power of all the sphinxes – the entire race shared a common magic. Now Michelle’s still processing how to use it, but from the very beginning she’ll just come out with it in extreme need, and that was before she actually had an open connection. Trapped, stressed, and possibly with her life threatened, all of that power could come out in force against daddy dearest.

This also makes me think that the sphinxes actually came off worse in the war, and the dragons retreat was then due to being unable to hide themselves from humans spreading everywhere. The less sphinxes there were, the more powerful the remaining ones would be. When there were only a handful left I’m willing to bet it’d take several dragons to pull one down.

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Dis Pater gives Michelle to the demons and the demons are like, “Cool thanks. Now you can leave Dis.” And Paters all like, “But I don’t wanna leave Dis.” And then the demons are like, “Oh did I say can? I meant are going to. Get out you damn freeloaders!”

I can see the demons doing that too, their sense of humour is nasty enough.

I can even see Dis arguing “Well it’s not fair if the rest of the sphinxes run free across the mortal plane, they’ll destroy us” only to be met with “She is *the last* Sphinx. You don’t have to worry about them doing anything like handing out medallions or eradicating dragons now that you’ve brought her here. Now we’re evicting you since she’s way more valuable to us than the rest of dragonkind together and clearly if there’s more of you now you’ve been freeloading for far too long”.

This is all with the assumption that Dis only knows that there are still sphinxes around, not that Michelle is the last sphinx. I would imagine that the demons have been keeping the dragons in the dark about developments of the Mortal Plane.

When someone is being a good parent, they will sometimes have to say that they are the parent, and they know better or have authority, and so if there is a decision being made it will be made by them.
This is not doing something because they are the parent. This is doing something for another reason, and they are the one making it because they are the responsible parent.

This also means that a good parent does their utmost to better the life of their child or their children. It is the reason why they are granted that authority – because it is sometimes necessary in order to do well by their children – but it is inextricably linked to the proper exercise of that authority.

In short, a good parent should strive to make the choice which is best for their children, even at their own expense if need be.

But a good parent should never complain that their children are undermining their authority. The authority is there to do better by the children, rather than the children being there to lend lustre to the authority.

This is all an ideal, of course, and real parents are only hu- well, only… mortal? Mortal.
Real parents are only mortal.
But this has long past reached the point where Dis Pater is due a visit from child protective services. He’s not so much “in loco parentis” as just “loco parent”.

undermining authority means reducing the authority someone has toward someone else.
so a parent of a teen and a child could tell the teen (for example) to stop feeding sweet to the child, as that undermine their order (to the kid) of no sweet before a meal, without being an hypocrite

saying that the people under someone are undermining the one’s authority on them is not hypocrite, it is just a nonsense (or, like here, an accusation that they are starting to organize as a group, against the one, which is a sign, whether true or false, that the person nominally in charge is doing a really bad job)

but DP is not really rational, so he does not care

While I’m not sure your example works (because in that one the teen is actively doing something that is not a good idea, rather than merely questioning the policy) I think that’s fair and that there probably is some example where it could be said in a valid way.

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