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Obverse & Reverse Ch 5 Page 12

Obverse & Reverse Ch 5 Page 12 published on 27 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Ch 5 Page 12

Finally, after uhhhhhhhh 14 years we have a reason for why people keep hasslin ol’ Michelle. Well to be fair to Michelle, she’s only had to deal with this for like a year. Webcomic time: it’s a thing.

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I don’t believe that for a second. At best this is a half truth, and half truths are even more malicious than full lies.

Bloodcarver, PLEASE don’t turn on Michelle here. Don’t abandon her to that fate. And I hope that a decent number of other dragons feel the same

Yeah I’m gonna call BS here. The demons clearly manipuate the dragons to bring them a sphinx. I have no doubt that in the second the demons will have a sphinx they will feed the dragons to their hell mouths without a second thought and even have fun while doing it.

…Ou-oh. This isn’t good. Whatever the demons are planning, it’s probably huge badbad for everyone involved. And Father is likely being played like a fiddle.

Either way, while I initially thought I had a good idea of where things would go, I don’t have any Idea where we go from here. Well the next few months/years of this comic will definitely be interesting. We miiiiiight be stuck in Dis for a good while longer than i initially thought…

I expected something along these lines when Father said “that’s why you can’t leave”. Then I stopped expecting it and got sidelined. Regardless, it seems the manipulative Father has been manipulated himself… Well, it was to be expected, he’s a war-broken madman-er, madlizard?

I’m gonna laugh if the demon’s solution is to have Michelle make medallions for the dragons. The thing she had JUST offered to Father. It’s probably something worse, like getting the Egg, but yeah.

They have a bunch of dragons that they are feeding from. That though… Is still a bunch of dragons. That are growing despite everything and getting more and more dangerous.

So how about this one sphinx they know to not be in full grasp of her powers, but full of tasty tasty power. Yeah. Sounds much more easy to manage and still as tasty.

Also, then you don’t need to keep the dragons, so you can overfeast on them.

Need her to do what? Be their living battery? Feh.

I think it’s less, “We need her help” and more, “We don’t want her helping anyone else”. Cause the medallion situation is stable, for now, but down the road they will eventually need more. And then the demons could come in and be like, “Oh well it just so happens that we have the means to help you out, for a price.” And that price could be whatever the literal Hell they want it to be because they could have the monopoly.

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