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Someone left the light on in the mirror room? :-)

(I also note that “we” glossed over Eleanor’s first encounter with silverware …)

OMG, that’s like saying one eats pizza with silverware. Or chicken nuggets. Or cheese sticks. Or chicken legs/wings. Or pitas, kebabs, and skewers. Silverware in these cases are for what my oldest would term, “prissy”. Anyway, one of the best parts of eating greasy fish ‘n chips is licking your paws off afterwards, because it’s all like ‘omnomnom’ all over again.

“How long does it take to trim every tree and bush here into a cube?”

We’re probably not going to see it, but I imagine it will be fun showing Eleanor how to use the bathroom. I imagine that the boys use a litter box unless they have a floor-toilet.

Everybody can breathe easy knowing that I am never going to go into detail about how mythical children (and adults) poop.

Thankyou Kory, I appreciate it.

That said, if my cat can use a “real loo” successfully, then so can a griffin.

Our cats use the toilet. (You tube claims enough instruction videos, with quite a few serious ones.) It IS possible to teach them to go there if you’re patient for about the three months it takes for them to always do the doo in the right loo. Visitors never believe us either, until they go into use it themselves and disturb M or S during their business. The dopes still try to bury it, so the rim needs replacing once it gets badly scratched.

….trying to teach them to flush is a Very Stupid Idea, though. Do not do it. You either have M, who freaks out at the noise, teleports away under the bed, and glares at you like you insulted his mom, or you have S, who finds that so cool he wants to do it again and again and again and again and again repeat all. (We have since got a top-flushing tank and always have a block on top of the flusher, so that problem has been solved.)

You have to wonder how exactly the dodos survived in a place like this, but questions aside I love how adorable this meal turned out to be. As a Wisconsinite, fried fish has a special place in my heart… and hardening arteries. Glad to see the Brits have the same spirit to their fish fry.

“Why are others different?”
“Well, you’re way too young for that question, nor would I have enough time to ask you the questions required to determine what exactly you mean by that, it being revelation to you too in the end, but… I’m just going to say that because they are and it is important to decide how you come to handle that fact.”

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